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Vinay Kumar's Home Interior Design in Siddhapura Bangalore

Mr. Vinay Kumar’s house in Siddhapura strikes the right balance between the traditional and contemporary styles of home decorations. We, at Asense interior believe that homes are an extension of its residents’ personalities and hence we try our best to understand and study their wants to be able to deliver the needful, This something you can expect from one of the best interior designers of Bangalore. Our interior designers in Bangalore set the tone of Mr. Vinay’s home beginning from the living room by rendering an exotic golden textured wall that immediately lights up the space. The wall paint with a simple pattern has set a beautiful base for installing various little artefacts. This little detailing in the living room design showcases how large textures can provide small spaces with a wide range of personalities. Two immaculate wave-like structures as the false ceiling design add a rather modern touch to the space along with the embedded lights. The best interior designers from our team have designed an altar that has glass doors with a magnificent design of Lord Ganesha emerging from a hibiscus flower. Since the space serves as a visual focus of one's prayers, spiritual affirmations and meditations, the inside has been kept very minimalistic with the right amount of lights fixed in overhead bars. As we enter the kitchen, the dark red and white colours of the modular kitchen cabinets fill us with a fresh daintiness of a newly blossomed rose! The crockery unit design, despite being small over the countertop space, has been designed with utmost diligence by our designers to make optimum usage of the space. The master bedroom has been designed tastefully where the home design blends seamlessly with the overall interior design. The luminous colour purple gives a glamorous yet cosy and dreamy feel to the room. The tiny butterfly detailing on the headboard wall has been paired with appropriate curtains that add to the exquisiteness of the room. The choice for wardrobe design is traditional yet classy because of the colour pop. A very soothing blue colour has been used in the kids’ room. Modular furniture of the same colour in this room instils a hint of breeziness and shimmer in it. Very specifically designed wallpaper with a sea as its backdrop and all kinds of fish motifs on it is the highlight of this home interior. By incorporating a combination of colours and patterns, Mr. Vinay’s choices for his home interiors make it look very stylish, authentic and welcoming.

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