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Ashish & Richa's House Interior in Ohana 857

Welcome to Ashish & Richa's House Interior Tour! Join us as we take a journey through their stunning home and learn about their interior design journey. This beautiful house, located in old madras road, Bangalore, was once just a dream, but with the help of Asense Interior, it has become a reality. Ashish & Richa had struggled to find the right interior firm that could bring their vision to life, but Asense Interior made the process effortless. From the start, they were impressed with Asense Interior's approach and the process followed. From the design development to color selection, every aspect was handled with care and precision. The installation process was done quickly, with no delays or setbacks, and the support for extra work was always there. Ashish & Richa's home features an acrylic finish in the kitchen, louvers in the TV unit, a beautiful crockery unit, and a CNC design in the puja room. The false ceiling adds a touch of elegance to the overall design, making the house a true work of art. But the journey doesn't end there. The after-sales services provided by Asense Interior have exceeded all expectations, leaving Ashish & Richa completely satisfied with their decision to choose Asense Interior. We hope you enjoy this tour and that it inspires you to bring your own interior design dreams to life with Asense Interior.

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