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Reshmi's House in Hennur

Have you ever entered a house where every room is designed differently yet when you look closely each room is a piece of a canvas making it a whole? That’s how you will feel when you enter Ms. Reshmi’s abode, a minimalist piece of art. Our team of best interior designers in Bangalore wanted to keep the theme fresh and timeless so we went with combinations that if used the right way will bring uniqueness to each room and make them peppy. As you enter the house, there is a foyer area design including a white shoe rack with a splash of blue. The white shoe rack with a base of brown offers ample space to store your essentials and makes up for the design element in the home interior. There is an in-built mirror in the shoe rack which sets the perfect tone for the beautiful home. The cabinet also has seating space for one person with a blue cushion. In the living room design, there is a compact TV unit with white and brown wooden work. The TV unit offers storage space and to place antiques. The aqua blue wall paint color behind the TV unit is a showstopper and makes the TV unit pop against the side white walls. The interior design includes a serene and tranquil corner for the puja unit. The wooden puja unit is closed which allows you to store puja essentials and a CNC-designed section for keeping idols. The white and brown cabinets in the kitchen make up for an infinitely timeless and stylish room. The loft storage enables you to store big utensils and items that will be rarely used. The kitchen design theme plays with a bold blacktop which gives a sleek look while keeping it subtle. Also, the modular kitchen includes hi-gloss cabinets which add a shine to the surface and make it look expensive. If you're considering modular kitchen with your design, you can visit our modular kitchen design catalogue. Another classic element used for home decorations is the white and brown wardrobe in the guest bedroom. The sliding wardrobe design offers space to store multiple types of clothing. To make it stand out, there are yellow stripes used on the wardrobe which adds brightness to the room. Our interior designers played with colors in the kids’ bedroom and it looks like a fun space where kids can feel safe and creative. The sliding wardrobe design has multiple storage options and has a study area attached to it. You can keep books on the open shelf and a table with small drawers for kids' stationery items. To complement the home design, there is a dressing table with a similar design pattern. The greenish-blue in the master bedroom is bound to make you happy as you enter the master bedroom and the wall paint color creates a glowing environment in the room. There are multiple modular furniture options that offer storage spaces to store different kinds of items. The white wardrobe design with a touch of purple blends well with the room wall paint color. The room also includes a study space with the theme of greenish-blue and white which is a perfect serene combination to deal with the work stress. For the washroom, our designers at Asense Interior chose an earthy tone with brown and white tiles, brown cabinets, and a brown-bordered mirror. The texture in the washroom creates variation and gives a modern look. As we said, each room has an unexpected color pairing to create a polished and balanced interior design space.

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