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Parul's House in Kadugudi

When our team of best interior designers in Bangalore met Ms. Parul, she instantly said that she wants a lively place. ‘Your house should brighten your day as you enter it,’ said Ms. Parul. So we thought about what could complement the lively personalities of Ms. Parul and her family. Well, the answer was clear: the home interior design theme should be yellow. The yellow wall paint colour, texture, and wardrobe design create a sunny disposition in every room of the home design. Upon entering Ms. Parul's beautiful abode, you would find a wooden shoe rack in the foyer area design which ensures that no dirty shoes are visible from the living room. The smart storage coverings go with modular furniture and are a great space to store other essentials apart from shoes as it comes with chest drawers. The foyer and living room are separated by a wooden partition. This space splitter is created to elegantly break the space and create a partition between a single large room. The wooden partition with CNC home decorations with motifs enhances the open feel of the room. The backlit panel of the TV unit is a showstopper and a prime example of modular furniture. Its wooden background aligns well with the living room design and the panel makes it stand out from the minimal design. There is a crockery unit in the dining area that has a glass unit to showcase beautiful cutlery and wooden units to store kitchen essentials. The storage is of multiple sizes to store things of a variety of sizes. There is also a table area in the crockery unit design which can be used as a minibar unit or to display showpieces or statement kitchen items. What stands out in Ms. Parul’s residence is the modular kitchen which, unlike the warm and lively theme of the home design, has this ultra-modern and cool combination of purple and white. The L-shaped kitchen design has this white and purple wardrobe design with a black countertop and white marble floor. The whole design offers a unique cooking experience. The wardrobe design is complemented with flowery digital lamination that adds shine and an edge to the kitchen. There are multiple storage options for different utensil sizes. The blue and yellow theme of the kids’ bedroom is a mixture of bright, energetic, relaxing, and soothing experiences. The room helps kids to visualize, be creative and have fun. There is a study area with the same colour combination next to the window for kids to take a look at the outside view. For the master bedroom, Ms. Parul wanted something which is a bold choice and this strong and versatile colour has just augmented the interior design. The textured wall adds drama to the room and the light pink wall paint colour cleans up the colour scheme. To accommodate the work from home requirements of today, our designers created a study area in the master bedroom that supports a table for a computer system or laptop. You can also place your important documents and books on the shelves near the study area. The yellow guest room with wooden wardrobes brings sunshine and makes guests stretch their visit. The wardrobes offer different storage solutions to accommodate different needs. Our designers at Asense Interiors had so much fun designing Ms. Parul’s beautiful home as every room has a different theme and a different story to tell.

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