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Does Asense Interior have an Experience Centre?

Absolutely! Welcome to Asense Interior's Experience Centers, where your journey towards creating your dream home begins. Conveniently located in Bengaluru in HSR Layout and Whitefield. Experience Centers offer a hands-on approach to exploring the latest trends and innovations in interior design.

What Is the Cost of Hiring an Interior Designing Company in Bengaluru?

Interior designer costs in Bangalore is usually 10%-15 percent of the total cost of 2bhk or 3bhk houses with a range of 30%-35 percent for larger or luxury interior houses such as villas.
How much will I save if I don’t hire an Interior Designer and get the work done on my own in Bangalore?

You can save 15% if you have your interiors designed on your own and do not employ an interior designer. But, what you take on is the following

1. You are missing out on the knowledge that an Interior Designer provides to create the space according to the needs of your lifestyle and of the space.

2. The risk of losing money and having to work rework caused by mistakes or broken items.

3. The overall feel and look of the area is what you will need to endure it for at the very least seven years, and for a significant portion of your lifetime.

4. Efficiency in the supply chain of the designer, these assure that the material is not contaminated and a higher cost that is transferred to the buyer in the market like in Bangalore.

5. The value of your time Coordinating with the various suppliers and vendors isn't an easy job.

How do I choose the best material and finish for my Interiors in Bangalore?
There isn't a perfect material or finish. The decision is entirely dependent on the type of usage and maintenance level one can afford, the style and appearance of the space, and the duration of the refresh. Tet us provide an example it is believed that particles board as well as MDF are not suitable for Interiors However, for those with a refresh needing 3-4 years, such as in a restaurant or a restaurant, then MDF or Chip Board becomes a viable alternative that helps to lower costs. Also, the using Lacquered Glass in Kitchen Shutters The standard method is to steer clear of its use since the material can be scratched and stained, but it is a good option for those who want the appearance of an elegant Kitchen or if the residence includes the option of having a separate dry and wet Kitchen and a separate Dry Kitchen, then using Lacquered Glass becomes quite viable.
How do customer choose the right interior design companies in Bangalore for my home?

For a good interior design firms in Bangalore examine their portfolio, customer testimonials as well as their previous experience with designs similar to those you want. Look at their design style and communication abilities, their adherence to budgets, and their ability to keep deadlines. A personal consultation with their interior Designers can also assist in assessing compatibility and experience.

What are some of the most notable reviews from clients who have utilized your interior design services in Bangalore?

There are many reviews for our Interior design Bangalore services...We would request you to check them on our social media platform.

Do you have experience working within my budget Interior Designing projects in Bengaluru?

We have a wealth of expertise working within a variety of budgetary restrictions on interior designers projects in Bengaluru. Our team is proficient in making the most of resources, without sacrificing quality. We will ensure that your project gets the results you want within the budget you set.

How do you approach the Home Interior design process from concept to completion?

We starts with brainstorming to get a clear idea of our customers who is looking for best home interior designers. Then we onboarded them to start 3D interior design with Modular Kitchen, Wardrobe, Tv Unit, False Ceiling, Crockery Unit, Bed Design and more. After completing all the interior designing we send the design for production with customer approval.

How do you handle Interior Designing project timelines and deadlines?

We meticulously plan Interior Decorations project timelines for projects with clear milestones and allow the flexibility to handle unexpected obstacles. Regular communication and monitoring of progress ensure that deadlines are met and changes are quickly made when needed to ensure prompt finalization.

How do you handle luxury interior designers in Bangalore?

Being a luxury interior designer in Bangalore requires understanding their high-end clients' unique preferences and tastes. They are able to prioritize stunning design, top materials, and exquisite workmanship. Customizing solutions to meet their strict requirements, communicating clearly and keeping commitments are essential to build long-lasting relationships in this market.

What sets Asense Interior apart from other interior designers in Bangalore?

Asense Interior in Bangalore distinguishes itself by its custom-designed designs, care for details, high-quality craftsmanship, and prompt execution. Their focus on the customer, their innovative approach and unbeatable customer service are what make them stand out which makes them a reliable choice in the field of interior design.

Can you show me examples of your previous Interior Decorators work in Bangalore or similar projects?

Yes, Definitely we can show you all our interior designers work previously completed in Bengaluru. Kindly check out our  you tube channel or portfolio page.

How much does interior design cost for home in Bangalore?
Interior Design Cost in Bangalore will be based on the requirement, scale of the project, type of home space, and selection of materials and more.
Does Wallpaper have any warranty?

Wallpaper doesn’t come with any kind of warranty.

What if there are minor scratches on acrylic/Hi-gloss sheet?

As per our company terms minor scratches on acrylic /HI-gloss sheet are unavoidable.

What if my after sales services are over, How should we get our issues solved?

You need to contact us and our team will suggest the solution and cost as per actual.

What if lacquer Glass Colour fade away, is there any warranty applicable?

No. Lacquer Glass is a wear and tear material; hence no warranty or replacements are applicable.

Is Mirror or glass damages covered in the after sales service?

No. you won’t get any replacement for mirror or glasses.

When the After sales service will start?

Once the handover and all the dues are cleared, next day onwards after sales service will effect for your project.

Handover of site and warranty certificates shall be completed, upon sign-off on the Delivery Checklist by Client, and delivery of the house keys to Client.

Yes, during handover time we will provide the warranty cards and check list details and keys with you.

If there are any scratches at the time of Handover, will you change those? will it affect the timeline ?

We will monitor it during the production and installation stages, if there is any, and then we will replace those before handover the project to you. Timeline is always depend on the availability of the Materials.

Is there any warranty on Glass n mirrors? Even though there is no mistake from our side?

Glass & mirrors doesn't come with any kind of warranty.

How difficult it is to replace the doors/shutters in-future? Will you guys help us in that process ? How the costing will be ?

We can replace any of doors/shutters; we will surely help you  in that process. Costing will be charged as per actual.

Does warranty will be there on Handles & locks ? If yes, how many days ?

It comes from 0-90 days warranty. We are using locks from Europa/Ebco.

What will be the warranty on individual hardware items?

Based on the selected item, we will provide the warranty details at the end of the project.

How many years you are providing the warranty?

We are providing ‘one year limited after sale service’ and ‘10 years warranty on manufacturing defects’.

Do you provide extra services like light fixing, bathroom fixtures fittings or decorative item fixing on the wall?

We can do it for you but on a separate cost.

When you will be fixing the false ceiling lights?

Once the Painting work is completed then only we can fix the false ceiling lights.

Will you be cleaning the entire house after the installation work?

We will be cleaning only the cabinet provided by us but if you need the entire house cleaning then you need to opt for the deep cleaning service on a separate cost.

During the execution phase, shall designate a designer to support the Client for shopping the right products?

Yes, our design team will support you for selecting the right ones but not physically by going to the shop for purchasing.

Structures like partitions & tree designs or any other complex design unit; will it be manufactured in the factory or on the site? Also is edge banding included for such pieces?

Partitions, thick ledges and rafters made at the site. Those are laminate to laminate finish so no edge banding is possible.

Is there Problem if any third party team for any other Work ?

You can get those works done from your side after we hand over the project to you.

Will you guys help us with installing the appliances?


What if builder doesn't provide the service lift? Will you guys help us to take the materials up and do the work ?

If builder doesn't provide service lift then we need to carry tons of materials via stair case. Uplifting charges will be applicable for each floor.

Does your team are follows the protocols from the builder guys ? Who will be contact person if any issues? Do you have separate supervisor for every project?

Yes, we do follow all the protocols provided by customer. We have dedicated supervisor for the same for all the projects.

What if you guys damage anything inside the house? Will you replace/rectify it?

If there is any damages happened by Asense team, then we will replace/rectify the damages with our own cost but certain T& C will be applicable.

Does your team completely covers the house and do the work ?

We will cover wherever we work. if you wants us to cover entire floor with thick foam, then you need to pay charges for the same.

Will you allow any changes at the site? How much percentage it will effect if we ask for any changes?

no changes will allow post design confirmation. If you desperately need to change then we need to charge as per the actual and work schedule also will be changed.

When we will get the production work schedule?

Once we receive the payment along with keys & permission letter to work in your apartment and your house key then only we will be able to provide you a work schedule.

If you guys used any wrong laminate then will you change that? Will it affect the timeline?

Time line will not change even though if there is any mistake from our side. It will only change if there is any specific laminates are not available, we will provide upfront information to you. 

What are branded materials do you use ?

Plywood we are using completely from Century Plywood.( Kitchen down cabinet -Century club prime 710 grade, Rest carcass-303MR grade from Century Sovereign and shutters& most moisture areas- Century premium plus HDHMR boards), Glass & mirror from Saint & Go-Bain, Hardware from Hettich,Edge banding from Rehau or relevant .

Can we visit during the production time? Like after material procurement and before starting the actual work?

Yes you can visit any stage of the work scheduled for your projects.

How we do know that you are using proper genuine & committed materials?

Post design confirmation, we will provide proper schedule with all the dates and concerned person details.so you can come to our factory and check the materials then after we will proceed for the production.

Can we provide other brand materials like Hafele & Green plywood ?

We can provide the Hafele hardware but no for green plywood as we are dedicated OEM partner with Century Plywood.

What is the size of the laminates?

The laminates comes with 4 ft in width *8 ft I height.

How much you can match the actual colour of lamination and 3D design?

We can match 80-90% accuracy for every colour in 3D design.

Is there any colour option for bathroom Furniture?

Yeah… we provide only black and white high-gloss option for bathroom cabinet.

Is it possible to use edge banding everywhere?

we can only use edge banding for modular make cabinet and shutters…edge banding cannot be used for any kind of hand-made works.

Do we need to change the Fan position for false ceiling Design?

If required, we need to change the fan position as per false ceiling design. Cost will be charged as per actual.

Shall we connect with designers on Sundays?

 We are closed on all the Sundays and Holidays..

How we go to next process once we are done with the design?

You need to send us a confirmation mail and 1st instalment payment (50% of the total invoice value) to start the Production Part.

Which brand of wallpaper would you use?

We are dealing multiple top brands .We have E-catalogues and hard copies aswell.we will share for the selection.

What if selected laminate is not available? Will inform us and change it? If we can't visualize the design then will you guys provide the designs again? Also, will it affect the time line?

If selected laminate is not available, then we will inform you immediately for the change. If required, we will revise 3D design but It might affect the timeline.

What if design is completed and we didn't get the procession? Will you guys come n take the final measurements and start the production & wait for the procession? How many months can you hold it for us ?

Post design confirmation, we will come and take the measurements to start the production. We can keep completed materials in our factory one month for free of cost then you need to pay Rs.10,000 per month as rental charges.

How frequently we can connect with your designers?

After the designs shared, you need to give us the written feedback. Then after we will connect again to understand those and after that we need 4 working days to implement those based on the complexity of the changes. Also Design work scheduled will be shared with you after the finalization of your order.

Can you guys do the wall decor for us ?

We will provide our utmost possible services. We are one stop solution for all your Home décor requirements.

Will your designer also suggests the wall decor part ?

Our design and suggestion will be depends on whatever included in the estimation.

What if we don’t connect/communicate with your designer properly? Will you arrange another designer?

We are working as a team. Our design team will works for you and so there will be lot of ideas and suggestions will pass to you from everyone at all the stages. But changing the designers will be depends on the Asense.

Will you provide designs for each n every cabinet separately?

Yes, We will provide designs for every individual cabinet, but we will do all together and share everything together for each iteration.

How many times, we can connect with the designers? Is there any limitation on that?

We will schedule the meeting as per mutual convenience and before every iteration, we can have detailed design discussion call for 2-2:30 hours for each iteration.

What if we are done with our iterations and left with few unfinished designs?

In that case you have to opt for 4th iteration.

How many iterations are allowed in the design phase?

we are providing 3 no. iterations as default. Extra iterations will be chargeable.

How many designers you have?

We are having 5 most experienced designers along with junior assisting team.

Do you provide rendering services for free?

We are providing render service as well but it will be chargeable.

Is there any restrictions on laminate colour type for each cabinet?

We can mix up to 3 laminates maximum for each room. More than that would be extra cost as per the number of sheets.

How many drawers we are providing as default? What will be the maximum size?

We are providing 2 drawers for each cabinet as default maximum size will of drawers that we are providing is 6" of height 24" of width.

Is there any restrictions inside the wardrobe?

There is no restriction for internal shelves. We are providing 2 drawers for each cabinet as default from our side. Also one standard hanging railing rod.

What are the up gradation charges for inside laminates?

It may vary based on the selection .we has few catalogues and approximately the price will be 300 to 400 rs per one sheet.

When we need to provide the 2nd phase of payment? And is here any possibility we can delay?

Once the production work is completed we will intimate you for the payment. If there is a delay for initiating the payment from customer side then we won’t be able to shift or start the installation work.

Will you provide any 3d Services before freezing the order?

We will provide design presentation for your interior works but for any 3D design services, you need to book the order with 5% of total estimation value.

What is the cost included in wall cladding materials (Stone cladding)?

Cost for stone cladding included work like raw stone, transportation, uploading charges, fixing charges, and putting lacquer on the stone.

How do you calculate the kitchen counter (Quartz, Granite) cost calculations?

Every quartz /Granite comes in a particular slab size. And cost will be taken as per how many slab will required for your kitchen or other cabinet.(Exam:- if your kitchen counter top requires 75 sft of slab then we need to take 50 sft*2 no. slab…Rest you can use somewhere else.) 

If we opt for SS Profile shutter/Profile Handles for any Cabinet, How cost will be varying?

Cost for SS Profile shutter/Profile Handles for any Cabinet comes under up gradation…So cost will be added as per the actual.

Is there any possibility of scratches on Acrylic Sheet?

There are always possibilities for scratches on HI-gloss surfaces like acrylic or any Hi-gloss laminations.

Painting cost included for false ceiling?

No. Our false ceiling cost considered onlyfor Pop work. If you want us to do the painting services, cost will be charged separately. 

Is there Lights included in the Electrical Charges?

No…Electrical wire, switch, Plate, wiring cost and labour cost is included. Any fittings are separately chargeable.

How much we should pay to freeze the order with Asense?

You need to pay 10% of the total estimated value of your project to freeze the order and the start the design stage.

Does Initial estimation and Final estimation vary a lot?

It all depends on your requirements. Items will be accounted as per your requirements, Hence there is always a probability of amount variation based on the changes of additions/deductions.

What do we need to provide the initial estimation?

We need your floor plan and List of requirements to provide the initial estimation for your interior works.

Will you update us the process on weekly basis?

We can provide the update in weekly basis but not on daily basis.

What is the referral bonus you offer to customers?

We are providing referral bonus of 20k rupees/per customer, once referee paid the first instalment (50% of the total invoice value).

Will the discount change during the design phase (If we reduce/increase anything)?

Discount will remain same if he overall value doesn’t come below the estimated value of when booking is done.

Do you guys consider the final painting after the work?

Painting works are not accounted in the estimation or in work-schedule. But we have our own painting team if you opt for the painting and cleaning services.

Is there any inside laminate options within the quotation?

: We consider off white laminate for inside section. We do have other options but up gradation charges will apply.

Does you include the soft close mechanisms everywhere as default?

Soft close channel, hinges/mechanisms included in the estimation.

Is there any agreement process for the sign up ?

Yes, There is agreement policy where both parties need to do mutual contract for your project.1500 rs. Will be charged for legal work.

What if you don’t meet the deadline?

We have a delay policy. If we don’t meet the timeline according to the terms and condition penalties will be charged on us and we will refund the amount to you considering the certain terms & conditions.

What will be overall timeline?

Once designs are confirmed, then we will need 55 to 80 working days based on the Value of the project. Work schedule will be shared with you once you make the 50% of the of the invoice amount.

Is there any refund, if we provide the handles?

We are not charging separately for any of the handles.so if you provide handles for any section, we will not refund money. But we will fix it for you for free of cost but all the responsibilities will be on customers.

Suppose, I am not satisfy with your design team ideas. I want to drop out then will you refund the amount? If there is no refund, what will be the fair point of cancel the deal?

As per the company terms and conditions, refund will applicable if you opt out after 3 days from the Booking amount released date. Then we will partially refund the booking amount. After 3 days refund policy will not be valid.

Can you procure the laminates from other companies, if we don’t like your collection? How we can meet the price in that situation?

We have Ocean of options, we are pretty much sure that you will like those .Because we are working with the best bands in this Home décor segment. Even though, if you don’t like and wanted choose from others, you can but we need to check the possibilities.. 

What if we finish the design phase before 3rd draft, Will you refund any amount?

There will be no-refund. In any case, we will save the time so that you can *move –in date will be earlier than expected.

What if we provide all the inputs upfront and can you guys provide us final draft of designs in a single shot?

No. we need to follow the design process to finalize the design. Please visit our website for more information.

Can you arrange few site visits to look at your finishing of the product?

Yes, We can arrange site visit to our recent completed projects but all depends on the customer’s availability.

How much time do I need to spend on planning ?
When it comes to completing projects on a timely basis, we can assure you that we stick to our commitments and never breach the promised deadlines. While interior design firms may take months of time working on your property, we ensure the fastest turnaround time. We work quickly and efficiently and yet very accurately so that your property is ready in no time and you can step back in to enjoy the perfectly done interiors. The time that is needed to complete a project will be discussed with you by our experts before we finalize anything. It depends on the size of the property and the extent of the job we have at hand.
Can you people prepare a custom interior design ?
Offering interior design for any flats is one of our specialties at Asense. We can definitely offer you a range of template-based designs as well as customizable options when it comes to designing the interiors of your flat. From creative design ideas to the best materials suiting your needs and overall theme, you get the best, only from Asense.
What is 3D design & can it be implemented on any property?
3D design is basically a three-dimensional design plan that is created and implemented with the help of specialized software. At Asense, we specialize in 3D design and can implement it on all kinds of properties, regardless of the size and other specifications. We have a team of expert interior designers who specialize in 3D design and can offer the best solutions for all your needs.
What is the cost of interior designing for a 3bhk in Bengaluru?
Asense offers bespoke and specialized interior design solutions for all kinds of properties, which includes 3BHK flats. Although, when it comes to the costs, there are a lot of factors to discuss and consider ranging from what you want to the materials you will choose. The cost of the project will depend upon your needs, but what we can guarantee is the best value for your money and the most competitive prices in the market.

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