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Sabeena's House In KR Puram

Ms. Sabeena had a clear pick, she wanted her house to be welcoming so she chose warm colors and well-lighted rooms to add a feeling of comfort. Our interior designers in Bangalore pulled these colors out of her imagination and created a space infused with warmth and energy. Upon entering the house, you will find a foyer area design including a shoe rack. The marble printed design shoe rack has multiple storage options so that you can store other items as well. To jazz up the foyer area design, a very stylish mirror is added which adds a little drama to the whole space, and of course who doesn’t want to take a glance as they enter a place. While some might be hesitant to paint their walls bright yellow, taking it up a notch will give you just what you want, which is choosing a mustard yellow wall paint color. The textured wall paint color adds a peaceful glow to the space with an in-built TV unit. The TV unit also contains drawers to keep little items that just have a way of disappearing. The room is also supported with natural light to add to the welcoming aura. The five people seating area contains warm-hued upholstery aligning with the warm theme of the home interior. There are multiple elements added to the room such as the wooden corner cabinet, or a cushion sofa that adds character to the space while being functional. You will take a minute and just stare at the kitchen entrance panel as you see it because it’s a thing of beauty. Most importantly, it’s not just there to add the home design element but it also serves various purposes. There are in-built shelves where you can store your kitchen items, a breakfast counter with lights fixed on top, and a space to keep your indoor plants. Inside the modular kitchen, you will find multiple storage options to store big electronic appliances into small utensils. The dark and light brown wooden cabinets complement the warm theme of the home design. The classic accent to the dining area is the crockery unit design which is added in Ms. Sabeena’s right next to the dining table. The dining table is for six people and is designed in a way that family and friends can all sit and have a nice time together. As Sabeena’s house is divided into two floors and the second floor is specially designed for the family and close friends. The living room design of the second floor has a textured wall on the sides of the TV unit to make it look more appealing. The CNC false ceiling design is a beautiful design element and supports lighting in the room which makes the room look spacious. The study room contains asymmetrical storage cabinets which create a neatly organized space. A wardrobe with a mirror for dressing is the best way to integrate functionality in a minimum space. Hence, we added a wardrobe design with a long mirror that allows you to see your complete outfit of the day. The wooden wardrobe in the master bedroom has different shades of brown aligning with the color theme of the home decorations. For the kids’ bedroom, Ms. Sabeena chose the classic and versatile blue wall paint color which can grow with kids from their toddler to teen years. There are white motif patches on the blue to add that Indian traditional design element to the room. The master bedroom has a spring green main wall paint color which adds freshness to the room just the right place to relieve the stress of the whole day. The modular furniture includes a sliding wardrobe and bed with storage options that allow you to store items of different sizes. Our best interior designers at Asense Interior are so proud to bring the vision of Ms. Sabeena to her beautiful abode.

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