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Varun & Nalini's Home Interior in Bren Starlight

Varun & Nalini's Home Interior in Bren Starlight, Bangalore, showcases the versatility and attention to detail that Asense Interior is known for. This project features a range of design elements that truly bring the space to life. From the stunning wall paper in the foyer, to the practical and stylish shower area with a sitting provision, no detail was overlooked. The living area boasts a beautiful stone cladding TV unit, as well as eye-catching lighting to accent the furniture. The false ceiling in both the living and dining areas add to the sophistication of the space, while the bar counter in the dining area is made even more impressive with terracotta wall cladding. The kitchen is both functional and stylish with its acrylic finish, and both bedrooms feature sliding wardrobes with loft storage and a bed with side tables. The washroom is elevated with its custom vanity cabinet, and the entire space is brought together with expert painting services. Varun & Nalini's Home Interior is a true testament to the art of interior design, brought to life by Asense Interior.

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