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Nitya's House in Republic of Whitefield

When you see Nitya’s house, there will be one thought in your mind, ‘Is brown the new black?’ Well, the combination of white and brown is edging out. Nitya wanted earthy and warm shades for her home and our team of the best interior designers in Bangalore aimed to give her just that. The mixture of beige, white and brown in Ms. Nitya’s house gives a classic touch to the home design and upholds its sophistication. As you enter the house, you see a wooden foyer area design with CNC partition. The partition is not just used to carve out space but also to create a study space. The shelves give enough space to store books, achievements, and important documents. There is a table area where computer systems, laptops, and even files can be placed. Complementing the beige-coloured walls, brown sofas provide a warm and welcoming, cosy and inviting vibe to the living room design. Aligning with the home design scheme, the wooden and stone TV unit adds a rustic touch to the interior design. There is a crockery unit design at the kitchen entrance which helps manage glassware while adding style to the entrance. The crockery unit is designed to exhibit the best of crockery to friends and family in a modern way. The modular kitchen loft design is innovative and purposeful while it augments home decorations. The modular kitchen is in-built with tandem drawers of different sizes to support different needs. The guest bedroom is given a fresh touch with small elements. There is a small window that accentuates the room while providing ventilation. The wardrobe design with loft storage complements the wall paint colour. Using the loft storage, items that are rarely used can be disposed of. The wardrobe design is attached with a mirror and an open table space to utilize as a dressing table. As your kids change colour choices, you cannot change the wall paint colour. It has to be something fun, good for deep sleep, and bright enough for study. Our designers chose the same beige colour theme for the kids’ bedroom but played a little with wardrobe design. The mixture of white, blue, and purple on the wardrobe is sophisticated and soothing. The window in the kids’ room is made keeping in mind the safety, and functionality and offering them a view of the outside. The beige master bedroom is combined with wooden doors, and a wood colour wardrobe design is combined with white. The modular furniture can be easily mixed with colour shades. The addition of hues gives depth to the room and fulfils its purpose of creating a comforting environment for residents. Aligning with today’s work from home culture, there is a small study area in the master bedroom that follows a similar colour scheme to the wardrobe design. Asense interiors designed a place for Ms. Nitya where you can embrace the warmth and hospitality with beige and brown colour shades. Ms. Nitya’s home interior is a warm escape paired with unique fabrics and furniture.

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