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Ajitabh & Kirtika's Home Interior in Vaswani exquisite in Bangalore

Today, most homeowners want their homes to not only have a modern outlook, but also provide a dignified and elegant appearance. When our team of interior designers in Bangalore met Mr Ajitabh & Ms Kirtika, we found they were no exception either. Both our esteemed clients wanted the latest trends in interior design for their home, but at the same time they want their home to emanate a pleasant and peaceful vibe to both family and guests alike. The light shade wall colour that extends to the entire house serves as the primary colour of the house. However, to add variety to the design, in some areas it is complemented with bold colours or minimalistic wallpaper design. While working on the foyer area design, our designers adhered to the client’s requirements that said that the first impression should be the lasting impression. The wallpaper and wooden beading in the foyer unit with a mirror at the centre ensured that every person entering the house feels welcomed. In the living room, the stylish TV unit combines naturally with the blue background and panel lighting. The grandeur of the TV unit is further augmented by slabs with home decorations items on one side of the TV and three hanging lights on the other. Attached to the TV unit is the beautiful puja unit with a CNC jali door. It provides a spiritual ambience to the living room. The multicolour sofa set with floral accent cushions and round tea contributes to the glowing look of the living room design. In addition, the two exquisite chandeliers on both sides of the fan and the attractive wall paintings further adds to the living room splendour. Unlike other modern homes, here the dining room is distinctly separate from the living room. However, the design elements in the dining area align with the modern interiors. Whether it’s the marvellous wooden false ceiling design, or the contemporary crockery unit design, the interior decorations lend a perfect combination of simplicity and beauty to the dining space. Additionally, a coffee bar in dining infuses a sense of sophistication to the space. Our clients wanted their kitchen to have such features that not only enhances the style quotient but also adds to the comfort. While the modular kitchen provides ample space, it is made more comfortable and tranquil with the island counter in the kitchen. Moreover, the high-gloss lamination finish of the kitchen and Moroccan tiles in dado area embellishes the charm of the kitchen. The master bedroom is one place where the couple can relax and rejuvenate after the hard day’s work. So, its interior must be designed accordingly so that is both dazzling and soothing. The stylish bedroom with its beautiful wall design, splendid poster bed and profile shutter in the walk-in wardrobe does wonders to its interiors. Even the guest bedroom is spectacularly designed with an amazing walk-in wardrobe, remarkable bay window sitting with both side wardrobe and minimalistic wall design. Due to the modular furniture and the outstanding wardrobe design, the guest bedroom has all the facilities of a hotel room and the warmth of a home. As we handed over the house to our respected clients, they were elated seeing the extraordinary home design. This joy in the eyes of our clients is what makes us at Asense Interior and our team of best interior designers strive for the best every single day.

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