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Sanjeev's Home Interior Design in CV Raman Nagar

They say that the best rooms have something to say about the people who live in them and Mr. Sanjeev’s house located in CV Raman Nagar is dripping with exquisite modernity. Keeping in mind his love for the color blue, our efficient interior designers in Bangalore ensured that the overall interior design of his home stayed true to his taste and the palette that he wished for. Upon entering the house, the foyer area design is such that it has an optimum storage rack attached to the wall and adjacent to it is a beautifully textured aqua blue wall paint color. The rack is brown in color with little detailing in black and white rendering it very unique. The living room design is such that one of the walls has a sleek TV mounted on the wall. Then there are the side bars to place show pieces and a small cabinet under which is in complete sync with that to the foyer design. The L-shaped blue colored sofa is a character in itself and adds to the home design. A very modern element adjacent to the living room is the dining area overlooking the kitchen which has specifically chosen tiles to compliment the modular furniture and a stylish crockery unit design. The oval shaped wash basin with a small mirror mounted on the wall above it adds to the aesthetic of the home interior. A small wooden table with four chairs right outside the kitchen counter top gives a very international look to the space. Our designers have added just the right amount of blue element to the modular kitchen drawers which are by and large white in colour. The master bedroom has a simple yet thoughtful wardrobe design that is in unison with the entire space. Right opposite to the bed in this room is a spread out table with a makeshift office setup in the corner. This corner also has mounted bars to have a small library setup in it. The other bedroom has a similar blue theme with two shades of the color balancing out the neutrality of the interior design. Our best interior designers have prepared a quaint little work corner in this room too. For a slight deviation in the interior design, a combination of brown and beige has been used in the furniture in the guest room which fills it with ample warmth. With a mix of both sliding door wardrobes and the handlebar door ones, all three rooms carry an identity of their own. Amidst the serenity of blues and various home decorations, a small little altar has been designed with intricate details on it. The Om and Swastik on the doors of this pooja ghar along with a jharokha like structure add to the earthiness of this house. The false ceiling designs are meticulously planned and installed in the space which fills up the space with ample amount of light. As a team, it was an honor for us to be able to assist Mr. Sanjeev build an abode for him which could speak volumes about him and we at Asense Interior are glad for by and large it does that!

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