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Bharat's House in Varthur Road, Bangalore

This modern home oozes elegance and style. Every corner of the house had it’s own character, be it the luxurious living or the stylish & modern bedrooms. Starting from the foyer & living itself, our designers made compact storages for all their needs but added hints of character by adding a touch of elegance using different materials like mirrors, marble laminates, pebble tray. Their modular kitchen is packed to the brim with modular accessories and in built appliances which utilizes every inch of available space and makes it an extended utility area as well. Both the Master bedroom and Guest room designs are modern but of a stark contrast to each other. While the Master bedroom has a elegant and luxurious approach with a wardrobe designed with Acrylic along with bronze tinted mirror and wooden bed with upholstered headboard, the Guest room thrives on a much simpler but bolder look with a Pop-up Blue wardrobe hugging the window among the completely white room. The main intention was to make the room look spacious and airy since it was a much smaller room but had to accommodate all necessary features properly. Overall the use of so many different items under one roof but making them feel aligned was one of the most satisfactory things Asense Interior ever did. You can consider Asense for your interior needs, Best interior designer in Bangalore.

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