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Shubhajith's Home Interior Design in Kadugudi

When our designers met Ms Sasmita, she was very specific about making a bold statement with the home design elements. However, she said that along with the vibrant design elements she also wanted a touch of minimalistic design that was so of-the-moment these days. Our team of best interior designers perfectly understood her requirements and accordingly chose a monochromatic palette as a base colour for the complete house. The lively design elements, right from the foyer area to the guest bedroom, are complemented naturally with the base colour. Just as you would enter the house, you find a simple shoe rack. But the cladding behind it along with the overhead lighting enhanced the foyer area design. Additionally, this area had a small sitting space and above it the colourful curtains. It was intentional as the goal was to provide a flow of refreshing energy to anyone entering the house. The living room design was a combination of traditional and modern elements. For example, while the living area's stylish panelling partition infused a modern outlook, the intricate CNC design of the puja unit provided a touch of tradition. In addition, the exquisite TV unit with stone cladding provided a unique touch to the interior design of the living space. The TV unit also had multiple slabs to beautify it with home decorations items. Another unique aspect of the home interior was a continuous stretch of stunning false ceiling design in the whole house. It provided an elegant look to the complete house. However, in some areas, it was predominantly wooden just like the dining room in this case. The dining space design was further accentuated with the three gorgeous lights hanging from the wooden false ceiling and sophisticated crockery unit design. Just adjacent to the dining area was the modular kitchen. The glossy look of the cooktop and kitchen cabinet was further augmented by the wonderfully lighted false ceiling. The cooking area was also brought to life by the dual colour combination of yellow and white. Due to the modular nature of the kitchen, it was quite spacious and also had a back storage area. Just like Ms Sasmita’s daughter, her Barbie-themed room also emanated a continuous flow of liveliness and sparkle. The multi-palette room had everything a child needed, from the wonderful wardrobe to a study area. Additionally, the bed, false ceiling, curtains and the wardrobe design complemented each other due to their similar theme. The purpose of a bedroom for a child is completely different from that of an adult. It is a very personal space, where you need peace and serenity to relax and rejuvenate. While the master bedroom of Ms Sasmita was designed keeping this thought in mind, our expert designers remembered her requirement of making a bold statement with the home interiors. The astonishing purple-coloured wall-mounted panel contrasting the light shade wall paint was a perfect example of it. The modular furniture in the master bedroom provided ample space for a work desk and dressing in the bedroom. There would hardly be any household that does not expect guests, so why not be prepared for it. Our esteemed client wanted a guest bedroom with all basic elements including a wardrobe and TV unit. The mosaic design of the wardrobe and wallpaper give an exceptional look to the room. We at Asense Interior continuously ensure that our clients are satisfied with the design elements. When we handed over the house to Ms Sasmita, we could sense her happiness and approval as she gazed at every corner of the house. If you are also looking for interior designers in Bangalore, you can always trust us to transform your dream house into reality.

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