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Abhishek & Swetlana's Home Interior Design in Orchid Whitefield, Bangalore

Most of us aspire to have a magnanimous home interior. Once we find the best interior designers, it is no more a challenge to fulfil this wish. Abhishek & Swetlana wanted to have a lavishly designed house in Whitefield. When they met our team of interior designers in Bangalore, they were very specific regarding the design of the entire house. Thus we helped them custom design their home interior as per their requirements, and it looks fabulous. One would be mesmerised by the interior design the moment they enter the house. There is a foyer area with a chic step-type shoe rack. The overhead panel lighting and stylish wall texture add to the beauty of the foyer area. After you cross the foyer area, there comes the puja unit connecting to the rest of the interior. The puja unit is quite elegant with a CNC jali design that will leave you in awe. This type of puja unit is a modern art of tranquillity. It will feel like the most peaceful spot in the entire house. Beside the puja unit lies a showcase on the corner of the foyer area. This showcase is meant for storing crockery items. The crockery unit design beautifully complements the foyer area design. The artificial hanging leaves from the crockery unit provide a natural look to both the foyer and the crockery unit. Our clients wanted an open-plan living area for their house so that the space can be used for shared entertainment. In the sitting area, the TV unit with back wallpaper enhanced the appearance of the whole area. There is also enough space in the TV unit to decorate it with a few flower vases or statues or other home decorations items. It also provides a touch of nature to the living room design. Additionally, the minimalistic false ceiling design along with the panel lighting looks splendid in the living room. There are wall paintings placed on the wall above the sofa and flower pots beside the sofa, which brings the element of eco-minimalism to the room. The home design is further augmented with a breakfast counter that has a hanging light. It is quite convenient to have a separate breakfast counter as it also adds to the beauty of the modular kitchen that saves a lot of space. The kitchen is designed with a matt finish and has a quartz countertop. Additionally, the parallel kitchen format makes working in the kitchen quite convenient. Our designers have very carefully ensured that the modular furniture installed in the entire house matches the specifications mentioned by Rajdeep & Atreyee. The master bedroom has a bed with a cushioned headboard and sideboard so that you can lean and sit apart from sleeping. Moreover, the bed can be used for storing some of the stuff, not for daily use. The wardrobe design looks so classy which is in the corner of the room. Since it is the master bedroom, there is a dressing area as well. You can sit comfortably over there and get dressed. Moreover, the simple yet tasteful study area and the bookshelf provide privacy for work and self-learning. As we know, the guestroom is equally essential, so the guest bedroom has a study table along with a corner-styled wardrobe. Sometimes, the guests can be visiting with their office work aligned so it had to be designed this way. Even the guest room has a touch of eco-minimalism as a plant is placed on the bedside illuminated under a hanging light. There is a TV and dressing space also available in the guestroom so that they can enjoy all the privacy they want. The colour of the wall paint of the entire house looks dazzling. Not only this, but the washroom is also well-structured with storage for keeping the daily essentials. It is quite spacious as well. The team at Asense Interior are the best interior designers and they coordinated so well that they completed the entire design within the specified time period.

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