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Diprabhanu's Home Interior Design in Hoodi

Asense Interior is proud to bring the modern-traditional idea of Mr. Diprabhanu’s to life. Mr. Diprabhanu loves his roots but he also wanted a chic contemporary space, so our team of best interior designers made sure as you enter, the home brings a calm from the outside hustle and bustle of the city. The home design has a modern layout but you will see many ethnic elements that create an appealing combination of old and new, east and west, modern and ageless. As you enter the house, the foyer area design reflects a welcoming vibe decorated with an ethnic piece at the mirror stage which sets the tone for the home. The foyer area design is not just beautiful but also practical with storage space. The front room includes a compact TV unit space with small storage open space available. This is decorated with statement pieces, books, and lighting. The interior design also includes an element of CNC cutting design that does not overwhelm or deviate from the modern contemporary look. The wall paint color is white to complement the calm and chic look. Our designers gave the eclectic interior design to the dining area filled with an antique curated design, textured wall, and a compact dining table. The crockery unit design creates a beautiful crockery exhibit. There are wooden shelves and glass shelves so that you have an option to showcase and also store utensils that you don’t wish to showcase. The false ceiling design offers ambient lighting and fan which adds character to the room. As Mr. Diprabhanu loves his books, we had to create an artful arrangement of books and his achievements. So we created an open and close bookshelf and the ceiling is mounted with light fixtures to cast a spotlight. The living room design also includes a textured wall illuminated with LEDs that create a minimalist style focal wall. The stylish and functional home bar equipped with a mini-fridge helps you fix a drink. The parallel kitchen design with crafty cabinets provides ample space to store utensils. Moreover, the white and wooden modular kitchen design makes the space look airy and modern. The master bedroom should offer privacy, comfort, and a lot of space for you to move around. The combination of wall paint colors used for the master bedroom is soothing and pleasing to the eyes. The slider wardrobe design is a great example of design meets functionality. Our designers have made sure it completely aligns with the wall paint color and provides storage for essentials and the stuff that you rarely use. The white dresser is totally serene keeping in mind that this is the place where you start and end your day. Keeping up with the home interior’s serene theme, the kids’ bedroom uses a violet and green theme. The wall paint color brings out a cohesive design. The home decorations are playful, and fun yet soothing. The study table with a whiteboard aims to bring out the creativity of kids. The bay window combines a sofa with storage space so that kids can appreciate the outer space but will have space to store their toys and essentials. The guest room is not just a place where friends and family can stay but it is a space where they feel they are on a vacation with modular furniture at the same time homely with the interior design. The wooden wardrobe design with a TV unit gives your guests space to store their luggage. The false ceiling design with mounting lights adds dimension and a modern look. To complete the traditional look, a quiet and peaceful puja room with a puja unit was installed. Our interior designers in Bangalore utilized the wall space to create this dark wood puja unit. The combination of wood and white enhances the appearance with versatility and warmth. The textural paint, modular furniture, and antiques bring out the vintage and modern vision of Mr. Diprabhanu into his dream home.

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