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Anand, Kavita & Disha's Home Interior Design in Windsor Homes, Begur Road, Bangalore

Most homeowners want a simple home design which has a touch of minimalism and contemporary design elements. However, once in a while there are clients who want a grandiose design for their homes. Anand, Kavita & Disha were one of those clients. Their goal for the home interior was not just limited to comfort. They also wanted their home design to showcase lavishness and extravagance. Right from the foyer area, the mesmerising beauty of the home interior design was visible. Whether it’s the mirror panel with backlight or the gorgeous false ceiling design, foyer area design can dazzle anyone entering the house. To add this magnificence, multiple home decorations showpieces are placed right in front of the mirror and opposite wall has an extraordinary wall texture. Just as one enters the living room, the grandeur amplifies by multiple folds. The astonishingly beautiful false ceiling design with panel light and a stylish fan at the centre further augments the living room design. Another distinctive design marvel in the living room is the TV unit with mirror tilting at back. Being an open plan living room, the dining space is also included in the whole area, but it is separated by small but majestic metal partition. This elegance of the dining room is embellished CNC jali work in the false ceiling and the exquisite chandelier hanging between the living and dining room. The crockery unit and puja unit are together on the same wall just near to the dinning space. So, the overhead panel lighting shining over the area also illuminates both the puja unit and crockery unit design. The upside down glass holder and back brick panel gives an enthralling appearance to the whole crockery unit. When it comes to the puja unit, it exudes divinity from every angle, especially due to its CNC jali shutter. On the inside the heavenly appearance of the puja unit is dialled up with wall mounted slabs for placing different idols illuminating them from above with an overhead lighting. Even the lobby area is designed to keep it at par with the complete home design. Our team of best interior designers worked on its home interiors, so they are well aware of how design elements in every corner can complement each other. The splendid false ceiling with profile lighting and the fabulous wash basin with stone back cladding in the lobby area are two such examples of this. Just across the sitting area is the modular kitchen with acrylic finish and profile lighting. The splendour of the kitchen gets tremendously enhanced CNC designed partition diving the kitchen with the living area. This gorgeously unique wooden partition also has space for placing different home decoration items. The wonderful colour combinations of kitchen along with the acrylic glossy finish of the modular furniture in the kitchen and the small yet attractive chandelier together makes the kitchen area a stunning piece of architecture. Guest are revered in many cultures including the Indian culture. So, guest rooms are integral part of most Indian households. Our designers understand this fact very well and have accordingly designed the guestroom to match it with other parts of the house both in terms of design and comfort. The guest room Aristo sliding wardrobe design with multiple divider is one of the unique characteristics of the guest room. The sophistication of the guest room gets immensely amplified with the comfortable bed with headboard and both side panelling. In addition, the dazzling false ceiling along with the pretty study table complements the room interiors perfectly. When our clients approached our team of interior designers in Bangalore, we knew what they wanted for their home and our capabilities. But, even then we had to put extra effort for the master bedroom, because this room holds a special place in the life of a couple. Be it the brilliant Aristo sliding wardrobe or the chic false ceiling, or the delightful flowery texture of the wall on the head side of the bed, our team put their magic into it. In addition, we also ensured all these design elements still leaves out enough room for walking and a study area. The child of the house is usually said to be its life. So, the design of their room also needs to be lively and energetic. Our home interior specialists designed a multicolour Aristo sliding wardrobe for the room, a vibrant false ceiling with panel lights and a colourful headboard design with decorated head side wall. The decoration was a customized message – "Disha #blessed” to bring in the more Genz look in the room. As we handed over the house to our clients, they delightfully surprised to see that every minute detail that they desired has been integrated properly. We at the Asense Interior, have always wanted our clients to get what they have dreamt of home interiors to be. It is the look of satisfaction on our clients’ face that is ultimate motivation factor us.

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