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Nitesh & Poonam's Home Interior In Orchid Whitefield, Bangalore

There are different types of home design and personality-themed design is one that has come up in the last few years in India. Nitesh & Poonam were one of those clients who wanted their house to reflect their personality. While the search was difficult for them, they eventually found us. Our team of interior designers in Bangalore have worked on numerous personality-themed homes. So, they were able to understand every minute detail of our clients. Both our clients wanted the foyer area design of their house to provide a stimulating experience to anyone who enters through the front door. Therefore, our designers not only came up with the idea of the decorative wall but also a delightful false ceiling with panel lighting. In addition, there is a sitting space beside the shoe rack and a heavenly picture of lord Ganesh right on the front wall. Just as one enters the house, one can find the open-plan living room, which also has a dining space. Each of the design elements, whether it’s the emblazing false ceiling design with its panel lights or the chic TV unit, not only dazzles the eye but also touches the heart of the onlookers. The living room design is further embellished with the decorative wall design shining brightly under the overhead false ceiling lights. The open-plan living room has a touch of minimalist architecture, which is visible with the shades of white covering most parts of the living and dining area. The false ceiling above the dining space is equally beautiful and appealing. Just beside the dining space is the puja unit. The most attractive feature of this unit is its CNC design. The empty space in front of the puja unit is further illuminated by a modern chandelier. Behind the puja unit is the kitchen area. The modular kitchen with an acrylic finish gives the cooking area an elegant appearance. The chic quotient of the kitchen is further dialled up by the use of subway tiles on the dado area and the inclusion of a breakfast counter. No matter how advanced kitchen appliances are used, working in the kitchen can always be tiring. So, our team of best interior designers used the shades of white colour used in the kitchen deliberately to give the person working a refreshing experience. Having modular furniture along with a tall kitchen unit and overhead storage space in the kitchen leaves enough walking. Master bedroom is a place where one wants to relax after a long day at work. So, our clients wanted their master bedroom to have appropriate design elements that can fill the air with peace and tranquillity. Our interior design experts understood their requirements and accordingly worked on the interiors. The lavish design of the master bedroom was exhibited by its comfortable bed with a headboard. The wall texture behind the headboard has a unique pattern that complements well with the white-shaded wall colour of the room. In addition, the design of the room is enriched by the distinct pattern of the false ceiling with panel lighting. There are also two exquisite drop-down lights on both sides of the bed – one over the lovely baby cot and the other above the marvellous dressing area. In addition, the sliding wardrobe design further adds to the beauty of the master bedroom. Everyone expects guests to visit them which is why having a cosy and inviting guest room is important. This room needs to have essential comforts for the travel-weary guests. Our home interior specialists understand this fact and have accordingly worked on the guest room design. The gorgeous false ceiling design with its panel lights illuminates the whole guest room while also providing a relaxing and welcoming outlook to the room. In addition, it has overbed lighting just above the headboard that augments the stylishness of the room. Both wall colour and the wardrobe are simple yet elegant to complement the design elements of the complete house. When we completed the house and handed it over to our clients, their eyes were lit with delight and wonder. We at Asense Interior, want to provide the same experience to all our clients. We have a large pool of experienced and talented home decorations and home design experts who have worked on all kinds of design themes and are capable of handling any project.

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