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Partha Sharma's House in Channasandra

Partha Sharma’s minimalistic abode is an epitome of freshness and light. The simplistic layout has the right balance of white with a combination of brown, grey, black, and even beige. Mr. Sharma has a very modern outlook which is what he wanted to reflect in his interior design and our team of the best interior designers brought his idea to life. To nail the mainly white minimalistic look, Asense Interior had to make sure that the textured walls, curations, and bespoke storage solutions all come together. The foyer area design includes a shoe rack which is not only perfect as a storage solution but also improves the beauty of the home design. After all, this is the place where your guests first enter and look at. The shoe rack’s upper surface also displays some of the antique pieces and behind it is a grey textured wall that is elegant and exquisite. The modern TV unit with its backlight and textured wall glams up the whole home decorations in a jiffy. If you think it is just for the beauty then you are wrong, it is working as a partition segregating the living and dining area. The backlight of the TV unit in the minimalistic background makes it stand out. The false ceiling in the living room design complements the other components of the area. It is functional as it supports the lights and aesthetic at the same time. The living room design also has natural light which brightens up the room. What really stands out in the room is the five-seater blue sofa which adds a soothing effect to the home interiors. The open modular kitchen starts with a crockery unit design which is an excellent storage solution while adding the style. The cosy dining and breakfast area speak nothing but family time. The white brick wall in the dining area also has some family pictures. The whole ambiance celebrates the joy of sharing an intimate meal. The breakfast area includes storage options and the hanging lights add character to the wooden panel. The washbasin near the dining area is made to flaunt style. The whole modular kitchen design is given a matt finish for an ultra-sleek style. As you enter the master bedroom, there are so many eye-catching details such as the wardrobe design, king-size bed, or the stylish false ceiling design. For the wardrobe design, we opted for a wooden pattern that blends in with Indian home decorations with a combination of striking black reflective glass sliding doors. The whole thing stands so beautifully in an Indian bedroom set-up. The black king-size bed in the master bedroom creates a cuddly environment and is classy for sure. For the kids’ bedroom, Mr. Sharma chose the combination of white and beige to let the children’s imagination run wild and be creative in their own way. There is a study area that includes a table and storage spaces for their books and other essentials. While designing the bathroom, the key to excellence for our designers was the details. They chose a white and black pattern for the washroom closet and the cherry on the top is the fine lighting. Mr. Sharma chose a most sought-after minimalistic theme which allowed our interior designers to focus on details. The idea in the interior design was supported by clear design lines, uncomplicated texture, soft palettes, and functional modular furniture.

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