Here is how to create a smart living room

Here is how to create a smart living room

A s the name suggests, the living room is a place where you are most likely to spend most of your conscious time of the day. It is also the place where you would welcome your guests and friends and have one of those relaxing hours dedicated to yourself. So, creating a proper living room is very important, especially if your living room also serves as the workplace.

So, how to create a perfect and smart living room? Here is how we, at Asense, try to create a smart living room for you.

Buy some sustainable furniture

Reducing waste is one of the biggest challenges we are facing currently. With supply and demand skyrocketing these days, we are looking at more waste. The waste of wooden furniture and decorating items is huge and it is also increasing carbon emission as we are not recycling raw materials as much as we should.

Rather than buying more wooden furniture and metallic items with toxic chemical coatings, we can shift towards more sustainable raw materials like bamboo, reclaimed wood, rattan, rubberwood, cardboard, cork, lantana, and rubberwood. Using these raw materials will not only be preserving our forests but also will come at a much cheaper price. These days, there are numerous companies and startups focusing on creating smart furniture using more sustainable raw materials and design ideas. Replacing wood will not limit your options of having the right kind of furniture in your living space.

Ergonomic designs

If you are a movie buff and binge-watching movies or television shows is one of your go-to things then create an environment that puts less stress on your body. Yes, watching movies or tv shows for hours can be stressful for your body which you might not notice during the entertaining hours. However, it causes long-term problems for your back, joints, neck, and eyes.

To reduce the stress level on your body, make sure you have the right type of sitting arrangements where the television set is at your eye level. Buy a comfortable sofa with proper back support, keep a neck pillow if you are having a movie marathon. The lighting in your living room is another important aspect to maintain the stress level. Keep warm lighting and have background lighting for your television set to decrease the stress on your eyes.

Smart colorful modular wall-mounted display units

Colorful wall-mounted modular display units are in trend these days.

Not only are these display units perfect for displaying showpieces and handicrafts, but can also act as an additional piece of decoration of contrasting colors and design with the wall. Having such a display unit of an accent color can become a smart design idea to keep a few of your books and showpieces.

Choose artwork work as the theme of your living room

Not sure of the color of your living room? Use a large-sized art to define the theme and the color for your living room. Rather than having numerous small arts hanging on your wall, get a large-sized art that can define the color code of your living room.

Natural light, ventilation, and enough room to roam around a bit

If you spend the majority of your day in your living room or you have set up a workstation in your living room, make sure there is enough ventilation and natural lighting. Spending hours in a claustrophobic area is not healthy, also having a bit of walk freeing your legs and joints is something we always recommended.

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