Best Living Room Design Ideas

Best Living Room Design Ideas

T he living room is the heart and soul of your home. It can say a thousand words about you, be it defining your taste or reflecting your character. It is the most essential part of your home as you spend the majority of your time here as well as welcome your guests and friends in your living room. We, at Asense, always emphasize and advise our clients on designing the perfect living room for them. If you are looking for the best interior designer to build your home, have a look at our work here .

Designing your home should start right from your living room, especially if you have a smaller living space. There are a lot of things that can go wrong if you don't put the right thoughts while decorating or designing the living area of your home. Here are a few ideas to build a modern living room.

Natural Lighting

Natural lighting is one of the key elements for any living space, especially the living room. Creating an airy living room can solve a lot of issues as well as make the space refreshing. If you have visual access to the outer world from your living room it can be extremely healthy for you, making you less claustrophobic and stressed. A large glass wall can be a good source of natural light as well, which will also save you electricity.

The Right Curtains

Curtains hold the key to your privacy as well as blocking out the glaring sunlight. We often make the most common mistake while buying curtains for our windows. One of these mistakes is buying the wrong size. Oversized curtains, which go as low as the floor, not only mess with the aesthetics of your home but also make it difficult to clean the floors.

If you need to block the sun glare for a particular time of the day, use blackout curtains as an added layer with your regular colorful curtains for those particular windows.

You can buy curtains of contrasting colors with the walls or can just go with simple whites to complement the elegant look of your living room.

The Right Sized Furniture

Do you love those big sofa sets? Planning on buying one for your living room? Well, you have to consider a few things beforehand.

A big piece of furniture can make your living room look smaller. And if you already have a smaller living area then it will become a bigger problem.

Before buying any furniture for your living room, consider the size of the room and the piece of the furniture. A living room should have enough space to walk freely. Having the right-sized furniture is key to that feature.

Another way to avoid cramping space is to use the wall as your display unit rather than buying a display unit to place it on the floor. Colorful wall-mounted display units can serve multiple purposes in that matter.

Accent Wall

Have you thought of having an accent wall? You must. Having an accent walk can set the theme of your living room as well as your home. It is the single piece of architectural design that gives you numerous options, right from the color pallets to display arrangements.

An accent wall is not just about painting one wall differently from others. You can use tiles or stones to create the accent wall or use wooden display shelving to create a large display unit.

When it comes to choosing the right accent color for the wall, don't just stick to solid contrasting colors. You can paint the wall to create a design or art. You can take out-of-the-box ideas and even have a 3D-printed accent wall if you want to go bold.

Apart from these factors, there are a lot of small adjustments and changes you can do to create the right kind of living room for yourself. Having contemporary artwork or a piece of showpiece can enhance the overall outlook of your living room.

Not overcrowding the walls with multiple artworks, photo frames or display items is another thing that we highly recommend to our clients.

In the living room, warm lighting can create a cozy atmosphere and can complement different moods as well as occasions.

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