What is ergonomic design and why you should know about it before decorating your home?

What is ergonomic design and why you should know about it before decorating your home?

I f you are thinking of decorating or redesigning your home there are a lot of things to consider. Apart from choosing your furniture, electrical products, kitchen equipment, and deciding on the cosmetic changes, there are more important things to look up to.

One of the very common and popular words you might be coming across these days is 'Ergonomic Designs'. If you don't already know about this, don't worry, we are about to discuss it in this article.

Ergonomic Design is nothing but a concept that makes your surroundings and your living space stress-free and improves your productivity by making some basic and important changes.

An ergonomic design can be as simple as placing your keyboard on your work desk at such a height that makes it easier for you to work for long hours without putting extra stress on your shoulders or arms. So why is this concept or arrangement so important and why is everyone talking about it these days? Well, the answer is very simple, ease of life and productivity.

Since the pandemic hit us, things have changed a lot. Be it our lifestyle, workplace environment, or managing our health. If there is a system that can help us stay stress-free, work in a relaxing environment, and be more productive then we must adhere to it.

Ergonomic design can be implemented almost everywhere in our living space. As we have entered a time where working from home is a hot topic now it is important to have a suitable workplace in your home. This is where ergonomic designs can come in handy. Most professional interior designers emphasize

ergonomic designs and adjustments these days and advice their clients on ergonomic adjustments in their living space. We, at Asesne, always take special care in making your life easier, stress-free, and increasing your productivity through our expert designs and adjustments.

Even if a client is not aware of ergonomic designs and their benefits, Asense always tries to create a living space that does not only look good on the eye but a smart living space. This is one of the main reasons that sets us apart from the rest and makes us one of the best interior designers in Bangalore.

So how to implement ergonomic designs?

Ergonomic designs can be implemented by making some very basic adjustments while designing or decorating your home. Some of these changes need not be permanent, meaning, you can re-adjust these things later according to your preference.

One of the most common ergonomic designs that we practice in our designs is creating the ‘kitchen triangle’ while setting up your kitchen. The kitchen triangle consists of the three most important components of the kitchen, i.e. the refrigerator, the sink, and the cooking oven. While creating the kitchen space, it is important to keep these three things in such a manner that helps you have quick access to all of them while preparing your meal. Preferably, these three components are typically placed in a triangle which makes it easier to access any of these while working in the kitchen.

To ease your workload and keep your body stress-free for longer periods can be achieved by making some small adjustments in your home workplace. Some of the basic changes can be making sure you have a work table of the right height or the chair you sit on for hours have the proper back support. Making sure the keyboard is at the same height as your chair’s armrest or your workplace having enough daylight and ventilation can be small but extremely effective changes.

There are many such design ideas that can make your life easier and keep you healthy. These changes are so simple but so effective that even watching a movie for three hours can be differential by just keeping your Television set at your eye level. Knowing such things may not be possible for someone with no extensive knowledge in architectural designing and for this particular reason hiring a professional is so important. We always say that designing your home is more than just making a few cosmetic changes and if you hire the right people they can make a lot of difference in these terms. Contact Asense, one of the best interior design companies in Bangalore, and get a smart living space for yourself.

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