Modular Kitchen: Benefits, and Design Ideas

Modular Kitchen: Benefits, and Design Ideas

T he modular kitchen is getting more popular day by day. As time becomes a factor in life, you need to spend more time with your loved ones enjoying life rather than spending long hard hours in the kitchen. That's why a well-decorated place makes life easier and faster by saving you more time. A modular kitchen is all about organizing, convenience, and ease of access.

A kitchen is a place where every moment spent in it could make or break your day. It is an area that needs to be easy, simple, and organized so that one can carry out his/her tasks easily. Any workplace, be it cooking or doing your office work, needs to be designed to manage your workload and a modular kitchen does exactly that. A well-designed kitchen makes life easier and saves you a lot of time. 

Here are a few tips to help you design the perfect modular kitchen for you, 

The Triangular Design 

In a typical kitchen design 'manual', the three most important elements are the refrigerator, sink, and cooktop. These three should always be placed in a triangle in the kitchen. While cooking, one has to use these three elements quite frequently, and keeping them in a triangle helps you access all three without any hassle. Given the size of your kitchen, adjust the distance between these three in a triangular shape and then design the rest of the kitchen around them.

The Height Factor

In almost all cases of designing a kitchen, designers use a standard height and length for the kitchen slab and the storage cabinets. However, one must always consider the members of the family and their height before deciding on this aspect. Not everyone is of similar height and having even a slightly higher kitchen slab can be a huge problem and inconvenience. So an ideal height for such a design should be carefully considered.

Dedicate and Organize space for different items

Dedicate storage spaces for all your kitchen needs. Categorize all your kitchen items and dedicate space for them according to your need and the frequency of their usage. You can take extra storage space by fitting shelves to store food items, storing utensils and crockery, keeping pantry food items, wine bottles, etc. A drawer on the bottom allows you to keep liquid items such as oil, sauces, etc. This drawer can be locked for added security and to keep them safe from kids (glass bottles and jars should be out of their reach). 

Light and Air

Light is a major element in the kitchen, especially when it comes to cooking. Finding the right light can make a huge difference in your cooking, as well as having more visibility during preparation. Make sure you have warm lighting especially if you are new to cooking. 

Ventilation is a big thing in the kitchen, especially when you are dealing with hazardous elements like cooking gas. A kitchen with good air circulation (and a couple of windows if possible) will keep you fresh and less claustrophobic, making your job easier. 

A great kitchen needs more than just color and designs, it also needs to be functional. Asense Interior is known for creating brilliant modular kitchens that serve all purposes. You can check their website and look at some of their great works of creating some beautiful kitchens. 

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