5 Kitchen design ideas you need to know if you have a small kitchen area

5 Kitchen design ideas you need to know if you have a small kitchen area

E veryone likes to have a big kitchen in their house, however not all have the fortunes or the provisions of having a large kitchen. A kitchen is a place where one has to put a lot of effort and creativity to prepare meals. A kitchen might not be a large place for your liking but it can surely be a smart place for convenience.

A smartly designed kitchen can be very useful and reduce the stress of cooking for your loved ones. To create a smart convenient place for cooking you don't need a lot of space but a bit of planning and a few smart ideas. Here are a few ideas that can turn your small kitchen space into a smart, convenient space for cooking.


In any case, accessories are the means of having your work cut out. No matter what the work is, having a few accessories can make your work easy. The kitchen is another place where you can have a few accessories to make your life (or work) easy and hassle-free.

For example, a wall-mounted holder railing for your ladles and other cooking utensils can be very useful and easily accessible.

Smart Appliances

A few smart appliances can save the day if you are in hurry. Having a smaller space in the kitchen means you need to cut down on overcrowding the most parts. And to do that a few smart appliances like a hand blender can come in handy in most cases where you don't need to take out your big blender machine.

Open storage shelf at the top

A closed storage shelf might be appealing and recommended in most cases, however, having open shelves on top of the cooking station can make the place look bigger. Your closed storage units should be below your cooking station whereas at the top open shelves for your groceries or utensils will create an illusion of a larger space.


Ventilation is important if you have a smaller kitchen space. If you have a window, try not to cover it or lose it by putting a storage unit. Instead, go for floating shelves which will allow the window to exist and function properly, as well as store your kitchen wares.

Dedicated place for everything

Dedicated storage units for different kitchen items can make your kitchen compact and an easy place to work. If you know where to find what, you have everything sorted. A well-organized kitchen will not only make your cooking easy but also save you a lot of time.

Space illusion

If you want to create an illusion of a larger space, try getting a metallic finish on your cabinets or maybe even a glass finish. These types of hacks can create a sense of having a larger kitchen than its actual size.

The corner space

In most kitchens, the corners are wasted and mostly used to keep a flower vase or unuseful items. However, if you built a corner storage unit, you will be able to use the maximum space in your kitchen to your liking.

At Asense Interior, we have decorated a lot of small kitchen areas and turned them into a smart space for cooking and eating. When it comes to space management there is none better than us in the business. Check out the different kitchen ideas here.

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