5 Bedroom Design Ideas for Kids That Will Make You Envious

5 Bedroom Design Ideas for Kids That Will Make You Envious

L et’s be real; time has changed the taste and preferences. Over the years, kid’s bedrooms have gained tremendous versatility and importance in terms of creativity. Today, parents no longer choose gender-biased color themes (like blue or pink); they look for modern & unique designs popping up on social media.

Being one of the most trusted interior designers, we believe in growing and offering on-going trends that satisfy both parents’ and kids’ tastes.

Our experts understand the importance of OK – designed spacing, so the following list includes some of the latest design ideas that are classic & modern with a different pitch of beauty & comfort – in one living space.

1) Vintage Feel With A Rustic Approach – Look Organic

Today everyone demands new ‘vintage styling,’ this theme includes colors that sway towards warm, earthy tones or natural options that bring out old fashioned English feel.

You can get inspired and recreate the trending international Netflix show by adding some significant big, bold, masculine, and wooden furniture like bunk beds, digital art pieces, and lots of furs to make it look stunning and sophisticated.

For achieving something different, you can decorate your room with fairy lights that will create an interior that feels genuinely relaxing and homely. If you do not want to experiment with colors, only look for some pastel tones of grey, blush pink.

2) A Dreamy Castle For Kids

For creating fairy tale memories for the kids, we can build a castle inside a room. Your castle does not need massive chandeliers or crystals; we recommend keeping it simple by choosing pastel color combinations like mint blue with grey to create magic. To make rooms a bit dreamier, you can select a crafted castle bed with a right gold tone.

Trust us, your little prince and princess will fell in love with the decor.

We are one of the promising apartments’ interior designers in Bangalore that helps curious parents experiment with many new pastel shades.

3) Let Walls And Papers Do The Magic

Today parents do not choose those typical teddy bears and Peppa pig wallpapers; instead, they love to complement their kid’s room with wallpapers with natural elements like ‘mountains, rivers, and trees. These soothing wallpapers become the easiest ways to read bedtime stories to your kids by incorporating these aspects of nature.

The best part about designing a kid’s room is that you can be creative with different options. You can use white marble with scenic wallpapers like rocky hills, tan brown, mint blue color theme, or zingy green trees that promote therapeutic elements amongst your kids, which help them to relax after a long day hustle-bustle.

4) Room with Play Area

School-going kids always feel fascinated about organizing a sleepover with their favourite cousin and best friends.

So for that, we design rooms that easily fit in all the toys, books, and camping style beds together. Without making the room spacing uncomfortable, we recommend using bunk beds for your little ones and their gang.

To create cool and tangy vibes, you can choose a pleasant orange and white color scheme with compact drawers that accommodate all the essential school stationeries and toys.

5) Creating a Fun Reading Zone

Books are everyone’s best friend! Keeping that in mind, we are likely to suggest you add a personal library in their room. Placing some comfy chairs near bookshelves or transforming a window into a seating area with soft cushions can allure them to read.


We have suggested one of the trendy designs that will leave long-lasting impressions on anyone who walks into your kid’s room.

Being a reputable apartment design interior designers in Bangalore, our expert hands create magical happiness at pocket-friendly prices for you. Feel free to contact and share your ideas with us.

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