Why you should always opt for a false ceiling

Why you should always opt for a false ceiling

T wenty years ago if someone had asked in India ‘what is the future of interior design?’ the answer should have been ‘promising, revolutionary, and technical’. In the last couple of decades (or so) the concept of a false ceiling has come a long way. It is not just a design concept to add visual effects to a room anymore. Interior designers rely heavily on false ceilings when it comes to bedroom ceiling designs or the interior design of bedrooms. 

 Over the years, the false ceiling has become a major technical design element in the case of interior decoration. Not only does it serve as a valuable aspect of creating aesthetic beauty but it also helps in adding valuable design factors. There are many advantages of having a false ceiling in your home and if you are hiring a professional interior designer they will tell you about them for sure. 

So, let's take a look at a few beneficial factors of having a false ceiling in your room. 

  • A false ceiling allows a designer to add a lot of aesthetic design aspects to a room. You can choose a wide range of designs to go with your ceiling and eventually make your living space beautiful. Be it the bedrooms or the living room, a false ceiling provides a lot of freedom to a designer when it comes to decorating your house. Needless to say, a beautifully designed ceiling can change the entire look of your house. 
  • A false ceiling hides all the clutter, e.g. the electric wires, tapes, pipes, and every other architectural element that you don't want to display. All the unwanted elements of civil designs stay behind the beautifully designed false ceiling, making your room look neat and beautiful. 
  • Other than the aesthetic aspects, a false ceiling is very handy when it comes to keeping your room's temperature in check. Be it the hot summer or the chilly winters, a false ceiling helps keep the temperature at a comfortable level. As a result, it helps you spend less on electricity, be it for the less use of the air conditioning in the summer, or the room heater in the winters. 
  •  If you want to keep your room soundproof, a false ceiling can be very helpful. Having a few kids in the house, or having your music room needs a bit of soundproofing to keep the noise inside. False ceilings provide an acoustic factor that keeps your room soundproof as well as perfect for music and entertainment systems.

    False ceilings have become extremely common in any interior decorative ideas unless your rooms have very low ceilings. Though people mostly look at it as a beauty-touch, there are so many good uses for it. 

    Are you looking for a modular kitchen designer in Bangalore? We have the best one for you
    Are you looking for a modular kitchen designer in Bangalore? We have the best one for you
    July 17, 2022