Vaastu Shastra For Good Vibes! Enrich Your Home with These Tips

Vaastu Shastra For Good Vibes! Enrich Your Home with These Tips

It is a general belief that before we get our new flat constructed or get its interior done, we follow some vastu shastra tips. Basically, Vastu Shastra is the science of architecture. The main goal behind following the Vastu Shastra is to ensure that there is a positive and peaceful environment in your house. The tips on vastu shastra can be followed at the following point of times:

  • Before the construction gets started
  • Before the interior is designed
  • After moving into the house
  • For instance, you have bought land in Bangalore. You can follow Vastu Shastra by instructing the architect how to construct the home. When the construction is over, you can also ask your interior designer to design the house as per Vastu Shastra. Almost every expert of home interiors Bangalore is familiar with the phenomenon of Vastu Shastra.  In fact, you can also do your own research about the different Vastu Shastra styles that you want to be implemented in the house.

    To help you out, here are some vastu shastra tips for the different areas and rooms of your home:

    Vastu for Bedroom

    Bedroom is one of the most important spaces in your home, especially to relax after a hectic day at the office. It is your personal space where you would like to spend some quality time without worrying about the outside world. There are different designs that follow the guidelines of vastu for bedroom that can provide the feeling of positive and relaxing vibes in your bedroom:

  • Keep the ideal direction of the bedroom as south-west. It is suggested to avoid south-east or north-east direction because it causes health issues and fights between couples.
  • Try to avoid keeping the TV or mirror in front of bed. It is a bad vastu for bedroom and causes quarrels between couples especially if the reflection of either of the couples is visible in the mirror from the bed.
  • For a positive energy to reflect in your home, it is suggestive to paint the walls in earthy shades or neutral colours.
  • Vastu for Living Room

    The living room is where our guests sit and chit-chat. It makes the first impression of your house. The tips that can be followed for a living room are:

  • Heavy furniture like sofas can be kept in the south-west or west zone.
  • The north direction wall is the best place to install a mirror if you wish to have one in the living room.
  • Your living room colour as per vastu must be lighter shades as it signifies calmness, warmth, purity, beauty, etc. It is crucial that besides the design items, you also adhere to the living room colour as per vastu to get positive results.
  • Vastu for Kitchen

    Kitchen is the place where we satisfy our hunger with nutritious meals cooked on a daily-basis. It has a great influence on our health. You kitchen vastu tips are:

  • First of all, the suggested directions of the kitchen windows are east, north and north-east.
  • The walls of the kitchen should be painted in vibrant colours to bring more positivity.
  • As per the kitchen Vastu guideline, you must not place the wash basin or sink adjacent or parallel to the microwave or gas.
  • Vastu for Main Door

    When we enter the home through the main door, it is very important to have an energetic and calm vibe. So, you need to follow these main door house entrance vastu tips for desired results:

  • You can instruct the main door to be constructed facing the north-east, north, or east direction. Moreover, when you step out of the house, it is ideal to face the same direction.
  • It is better not to place any decorative item like a fountain, animal statues, etc. outside the entrance door.
  • As per the main door house entrance Vastu rule, black color should be avoided when deciding the colour of the main door.
  • Vastu for Courtyard

    A courtyard is considered as one of the most powerful areas of your home. It is advisable to have a clutter-free courtyard with no obstruction area within a circumference of approximately 1-1.5 meters.

    Vastu for Puja Room

    Puja room is our spiritual place where we go and offer our prayers. So, it becomes critical that you design the puja room as per vastu guidelines. Here are some tips to organise your Puja room:

  • The recommended colors for a puja room are green, white, beige or light yellow.
  • To have a puja room as per vastu, you need to keep the direction of the room as east or north-east.
  • An altar to offer diyas, incense sticks, or candles can be created.
  • Key Takeaways

    If you have already constructed the house but were not able to follow the vastu shastra, it is completely fine. There are numerous Vastu Shastra compliant interior designing ideas with the help of which you can transform the home into a positive energy generating place. To know more, you can reach out to the team of Asense Interiors. Our team of experienced home interior experts can help you with any home interior design idea.

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