Sustainable interior designs: Improve your living space

Sustainable interior designs: Improve your living space

Y ou may have heard the phrase (or name) ‘Sustainable Interior Design’ a lot recently while scrolling through on your digital screen or have read it in some magazine or blogs. If you haven’t heard of it yet, you are about to be informed through this article. So, let’s talk about sustainable interior design; what is it anyway, and how does it affect our daily lives?

Sustainability in interior decoration is all about preserving the health of the environment as well as enhancing the health of your living space. By increasing the use of renewable resources and reducing the use of toxic/harmful materials we can maintain better balance in our environment as well as inside our homes. Sustainable decor not only protects the more important resources, e.g. forest woods, it also minimizes waste and provides a purer environment.

So how significant is it and how exactly does it work?......

If the last few years have taught us anything it is definitely the importance of our health and our surroundings. No matter how beautiful your living room may look or how cozy your bedroom might be, you need to evaluate whether the environment is healthy or not.

It is safe to say that lately, we are spending the majority of our time inside our homes, so are the kids. Whatever surrounds us all day creates an unconscious impact on our activities and our conscience. If we build a positive and healthy environment around us it will also create positivity in our behavior.

Here is how you can build a sustainable environment in your home…

Add Greenery

The most effective and inexpensive items to decorate your home are plants and flowers. If you have a balcony where you spend a few hours reading your favorite books or sit and enjoy your cup of tea keep a few outdoor plants. Houseplants are becoming extremely popular among all age groups. Having a few houseplants in your bedroom or in your living room is actually a very good idea. Plants and flowers not only enhance the look of your living area but also purify the air and keep the toxins away. Choose a few decorative flower vases or pots to keep your house plants and enhance the beauty of your home without disrupting the environment.

Bring more sustainable furniture

Wooden furniture may give you a sense of luxury but it comes at a cost, not just monetary. The costly wooden sofa set you have in mind came from a tree that will not be replaced in a year or two. However, bamboo, the fastest growing plant, can grow up to one meter within 24-hours. There are many options when it comes to sustainable resources compared to forest wood. Bamboo, reclaimed wood, rattan, rubberwood, cardboard, cork, lantana, and rubberwood are some of the most popular replacements of forest wood.

Don’t just buy, rather refurbish

Overproduction of goods is a huge issue for the world. It not only creates an imbalance in the environment but also increases waste. Rather than always buying new furniture, we can go for pre-owned ones or refurbished ones. It not only minimizes waste but also recycles materials that are extremely less expendable, such as wood.

Sustainable home decor is not just an idea but also a lifestyle. Consciously or unconsciously, we keep doing things that we see or practice on a daily basis. If you surround yourself with positive choices and practice those regularly in your home you will most likely carry it outside and spread it to others. Don’t just create a beautiful home, create a beautiful environment.

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