All You Need to Know About Interior Design Costs in Bangalore

All You Need to Know About Interior Design Costs in Bangalore

Buying a house in a city like Bangalore can be a costly affair. However, your costs shoot up if it is a newly-built house without any interiors. In today’s age of modern living, interior design is an integral part of a home-buying journey because it transforms a normal house into a dream home. So, this is something you cannot compromise with. There are some of the best interior designers in Bangalore, who can give a complete idea about home interiors and their cost. However, before going ahead talking to your interior designer, it is best to understand the basic design requirements yourself, their approximate costs and the factors that influence cost.

2BHK Interior Cost

2BHK is one of the most common types of flats in the city. This is ideal for a married couple with or without a kid. The size of 2BHK houses usually ranges from 600 sq. ft to 800 sq. ft. The 2BHK interior design cost ranges from ?5,00,000 – ?7,00,000 for basic design and ?7,00,000 – ?9,00,000 for high-end luxury design. The scope for a complete 2BHK that usually determines the 2BHK interior design cost includes – 

  • Living room – TV unit, shoe rack, sitting area items, false ceiling & walls and other home decor
  • Kitchen – kitchen wall, base cabinet, countertop, and fittings
  • 2 Bedrooms – Wardrobe, Beds (as per required size), Dressing unit, false ceiling & walls
  • Bathroom – slab, walls, mirror and fittings 
  • Dining area – false ceiling & walls, 4-seater dining table and crockery unit
  • 3BHK Interior Cost

    3BHK is another most common type of flat in the city. It is also preferred by married couples who expect frequent guests, or have joint family with a kid. The size of 3BHK houses usually ranges from 900 sq. ft to 1200 sq. ft. The 3BHK interior cost ranges from ?7,00,000 – ?9,00,000 for basic design and ?9,00,000 – ?12,00,000 for high-end luxury design. The scope for a complete 3BHK is mostly the same as 2BHK with the addition of an extra room with only basic design elements and a 6-seater dining table. Moreover, a 3BHK home also has extra space in common areas which usually results in an increased 3BHK interior cost.

    Kitchen Interior Cost

    While most home buyers get their complete home interiors done all at the same time, some prefer to only do it partially due to multiple reasons. So, let us understand the cost of the kitchen if done separately. The design of the kitchen is completely different from other rooms. Homeowners no longer opt for traditional kitchens, they want modern kitchens. The modular kitchen cost is on the higher side because of the kitchen slab, walls, and cabinets. A basic kitchen design can cost you up ?2,30,000 – ?2,50,000, while a high-end modular kitchen cost ranges from ?3,00,000 – ?6,00,000.

    Living Room Interior Cost

    Just like your kitchen, if you also want to do your living room separately, the cost will vary with what you could have got with the complete project. Most of the living room items are for decoration and luxury, and not essential. So even though it is bigger in size (180 sq. ft. to 240 sq. ft) than the bedroom and kitchen, costs are less or even depending on what you opt for. The cost for getting your living room done ranges from ?1,80,000 – ?3,00,000. Some of the costly affairs include the false ceiling cost, sitting area items and TV unit.

    Bedroom Interior Cost

    The bedroom is usually close to heart for almost every home buyer. It includes some essential items such as a wardrobe, bed and dressing unit, on which you should not compromise on the quality. So, there is not much scope for cost variation, but with regard to the false ceiling cost you can opt for a more economical design.

    Factors Impacting the Interior Design Cost

    Let us understand what are the factors that impact the cost of a house.

  • Size – This is the primary factor that decides the home interior cost for a house. It is quite obvious because a greater number of rooms will increase the effort as well as the cost of the items.
  • Materials – Different types of materials are used for interior designing such as Plaster of Paris (POP), Wood, etc. PVC is mainly used for wall and ceiling designs, and Quartz, Marble and granite are primarily used for kitchen countertops and bathroom slabs. Each of them has a distinct cost. So, your home interior cost can vary from one material to another.
  • Scope – Many homeowners do not go with the complete house interior design such as they can go for a living room, kitchen and master bedroom. So, this affects the cost of the projects.
  • Design Preference – There are different types of design – minimalist, bohemian, traditional, vintage, etc. Each of them has a different cost because of their unique nature of design.
  • Final Thoughts

    Now that you are well aware of all this information, you can make better and more informed decisions such as whether you want a luxurious and elegant home decor or a minimalist design. However, if you are still not sure about a few things or have doubts about the cost, feel free to reach us at Asense Interiors. Our team of experienced and skilled home interior experts are ready to help you.

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