Maximizing Kitchen Efficiency: Why HDWR/HDHMR Board Design Reigns Supreme for Cabinets

Maximizing Kitchen Efficiency: Why HDWR/HDHMR Board Design Reigns Supreme for Cabinets

With the advent of modular furniture, the kitchen interiors have revolutionised. Every homeowner wants their kitchen cabinets to showcase elegance and style while also ensuring durability and versatility. In this ever-evolving trend, the entry of HDWR and HDHMR boards has significantly changed the kitchen cabinet design landscape. While plywood still dominates the market, both HDWR and HDHMR boards are catching up. In fact, many interior designers in Bangalore also advocate for their usage of kitchen cabinets.

HDWR & HDHMR: A Brief Overview

Both HDWR (High Density Water Resistant) and HDHMR (High-Density High Moisture Resistant) are high density engineered wood panels that are durable and versatile with excellent water and moisture resistant capabilities. In addition, their strength and stability also make these panels favourite for both homeowners and interior designers.

Let us dive deep into understanding why these boards are ideal for your modular kitchen cabinets.

Termite Proof

Using natural wood panels can be a great addition to your kitchen interior design. But it has a problem – termites. Well, if you are able to take care of this issue, then you can go with natural wood. However, this is usually not the case in the majority of households. No matter how cautious you are with termites, it is difficult to protect your wooden panels. This is where engineered wood panels such as HDWR and HDHMR come into the picture. Due to its compact core, it has few unusable particles for termites to attract. Moreover, these boards have excellent routing features coupled with a uniform density gradient, making them ideal for modern kitchen cabinet design.

Water Resistant

While the Indian monsoon may be good for everything else, it is not suitable for traditional wooden furniture. The high humidity during the rainy season can cause the wood-like materials to warp and break. In fact, in kitchen spaces where the environment is usually wet, it can cause your natural wood cabinet to peel off. However, with these engineered boards, you would not have to face any such problems. Due to its special glue that is used to bind particles into boards, it ensures that water does not get in easily, thereby preventing rotting, warping, and delamination. So, if you are looking to provide long-lasting life to your modular kitchen cabinet design, these HDWR and HDHMR boards can serve you well.

Low Maintenance

Everyone wants to focus on the design, but very few also consider the maintenance required to preserve that design. This is where HDWR and HDHMR boards score another point. Low- maintainability is one of the vital factors that contribute to their new-found popularity. Once your kitchen cabinet design is ready, you do not have to devote much time to maintaining it. You only need to clean it using a damp cloth with lukewarm water. Be careful not to soak the boards in the water as it might reduce the longevity of the board. Moreover, these boards are not easily scratched; nonetheless, you must be careful when you use utensils that have sharp edges.

Versatile Design

Due to its smooth and even surface, HDWR and HDHMR boards can easily offer customized finishes, ranging from painting to laminating to veneering. Their superior surface finish ensures that paint, veneer and laminates blend exceptionally well. As a result, you have myriads of options to style your boards with whatever colour or design you choose. With the versatile nature of these boards, you can explore all kinds of kitchen interior design, whether it's minimalist, rustic, or industrial. In addition, these boards are known for remarkable machinability, which means that you can carve out intricate patterns for your modular kitchen cabinet design. Furthermore, due to its uniform and high density, the material has improved screw-holding strength, thereby making it a perfect option for kitchen cabinets.

Cost-effective Option

All said and done, if the cost is not in your favour, you cannot go ahead with it. However, even in this case, HDWR and HDHMR-engineered boards have an edge over their close counterparts, such as plywood. While some plywood options might be low-priced as compared to these boards, these boards easily outshine high-grade plywood. As a result, they prove to be a compelling alternative to plywood options, thereby making them an ideal choice for your modular kitchen design. Besides, if you consider other parameters such as durability, strength, and water resistance, these boards can be a better substitute for plywood.

Parting Thoughts

HDWR and HDHMR boards are fairly new materials, so you might find some interior experts and carpenters who do not recommend them in the first place. However, with the information at your disposal, you are well aware of its advantages, especially for your modern kitchen cabinet design. Nevertheless, you can also reach out to us in case you need more information. We at Asense Interior have an experienced team of in-house interior designers in Bangalore who can help you with all your home design queries and doubts.


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