8 Stunning Wardrobe Designs for Bangalore Home Buyers

8 Stunning Wardrobe Designs for Bangalore Home Buyers

A few decades ago, having a wardrobe was a luxury that was uncommon in many households. But, in today’s world, a wardrobe is indispensable in people’s lives. Here, we are not talking about the traditional wardrobe, which was not meant to store clothes, but modern wardrobe designs that utilise space while transforming the overall appearance of the master bedrooms.

In this blog, we look into some stunning wardrobe designs recommended by most home interior designers in Bangalore. For innovative wardrobe design inspirations, continue reading ahead.

Checklist for Bedroom Wardrobes: What to Consider? 

Following are the points you must consider if you plan to go for a modern wardrobe design for your bedroom. 

  • Functionality: You should be able to store everything you need daily, or even rarely, properly in the wardrobe. 
  • External appearance: The feel and overall look of the wardrobe must complement the ambience of your room. 
  • Durable: The material that is used to construct the wardrobe should be such that it withstands the test of time. 
  • Personalization: There should be scope for customization
  • Wardrobe Design Inspirations for Your Next Room Makeover

    Now, let us give you some trending ideas for your wardrobes that you can choose from. These are:

    Loft wardrobe design

    Do you have things you don’t use often, such as old clothes, suitcases, quilts, blankets, and more? You can then go for a loft wardrobe design. You can cleverly hide all the lesser-used items in the lofts above your wardrobe. The lofts easily fit in and become a part of your wardrobe. There are three designs to select from–traditional lofts, sliding door lofts, and built-in lofts. 

    Classic master bedroom wardrobe design

    Are you someone who doesn’t like to experiment much and sticks to the basics? Then, you should go for a classic master bedroom wardrobe design. It is often said that classics can never go out of style! And, this bedroom wardrobe design is classy yet functional. It is a large, spacious, double-door wardrobe, featuring classic doors, colours, and texture. 

    Wooden wardrobe design 

    Those of you who love the old, rustic charm of the woods can opt for the wooden wardrobe design. You can give a wooden twist to your exquisite bedroom with a wooden wardrobe design constructed from durable solid teak wood. It maintains the traditional quotient of your room and is suitable for storing all your belongings in numerous cabinets and drawers so that you don’t need to struggle to find them. 

    Open wardrobe design

    If you’re on the hunt for the sure-shot way of keeping all the belongings sorted in place, then there can be no better design than an open wardrobe! It is the best design to showcase some of your most valuable belongings, like the ‘famous Picasso painting’, ‘your favourite cardigan that your grandma made’, and much more to your guests, as they don’t have any doors. You can also install lights in this latest wardrobe design to highlight the belongings you have kept inside and can do wonders with this wardrobe design! 

    Sliding door wardrobe design 

    This design offers a sliding door in the wardrobe—the best space-saving alternative. If you wish to maximize space and want your bedroom to have that aesthetic vibe, then a sliding door wardrobe design is just what you’ve been looking for. With a sliding wardrobe design, you can choose from various sizes, colours, and textures. 

    Multifunctional wardrobe design 

    This design is the perfect answer to all the space constraints that you're experiencing. You can experiment by setting up a dresser, a cosy TV unit, a study table, display shelves, or even a puja unit within your multifunctional wardrobe. Amidst the myriads of the latest wardrobe design options available today, customisation is the key! 

    Wardrobe design with mirror

    Did you know adding a mirror to a wardrobe design not only adds beauty but also enhances the utility of the furniture on many levels? These versatile wardrobe designs with mirrors come in different shapes and styles. This wardrobe design is perfect for adding depth to the room and is a game changer in the interior design field. 

    Wardrobe-cum-changing space 

    This is one of the most innovative wardrobe designs today. It closely resembles a walk-in closet that serves multiple purposes, which means that you can use it as a wardrobe to store belongings or even as a changing space. By adding an ingenious partition to this wardrobe design can add wonders to its style, thereby creating a small sitting option can enhance the comfort vibes too. 

    The bottom line

    Style and functionality should go hand in hand when creating a new wardrobe for your dream home. Have you already made up your mind to get any of these constructed for yourself? Worry not because we at Asense Interiors can help you out. Our reliable and experienced home interior designers in Bangalore are here to help you with all the specifications and details you need about stunning wardrobe inspirations. Should you have any queries about any of these wardrobe designs, feel free to get in touch with us.

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