Trending Home Garden Design Ideas

Trending Home Garden Design Ideas

P eople have started to realize the therapeutic effects of being amid nature. That is why there is a hike in the botanical garden or arboretum trips, as they render an opportunity to spend time with beautiful plants and flowers. Else people visit their local garden for routine walks. But how about creating your garden in your private space (it is any-time freshness dose for plant lovers).

If you are confused about which interior designer near me can help to structure my garden in as little or as big as the space available by my side, we are suggesting some of the works done by the best interior designers in Bangalore so that you can derive an idea for your personal garden designing:

• Try Vertical Gardening

If you are residing in small homes, apartments, condos, incorporate greenery in your lifestyle using the vertical gardening concept. Try these suggestions:-

Hang plants on your balcony or patio. Make use of wrought iron flower pot rings to elevate planters.

Propagate plants in wall vases or arrange wall planters for growing herbs or microgreens.

Create a fantastic terra cotta planter wall on your fence

Plant trailing plants for a waterfall effect of plants

• Take Help of Houseplant

Houseplants are gaining popularity among urbanites as a stress buster as people recognize them as mood-enhancer plus sustainable décor items that are live too. Indoor plants enhance your space's overall appearance and creativity, make the environment less stressful, and eliminate air pollutants. So, why not make a healthier and happier space with aesthetic living room design ideas. Let us live up to Plants Make People Happy ideology.

• Rooftop Gardening Design

If you own a home with a roof, bringing nature into your home is much more comfortable a task. Start growing colorful flowers or micro greens in vases on your rooftop or terrace. You can add classic wooden furniture to give your terrace a cosy feel. Spend time with your partner on this vibrant roof and forget all about stress.

Take the help of luxury interior designers in Bangalore if you need assistance with the right lighting in your garden. They can advise you on how to make it alive at night, integrating lighting into the flooring or hanging string lights on tree branches.

• Backyard Garden Design

Want to follow garden to table trend!? Start growing your herbs in your backyard. Have control over your harvest; decide fertilizers and pesticides to be used on your food. Eat fresh and learn to grow food.

Summing Up Gardening Tip

Start small and plant things that can be sustained in your garden depending upon space availability and experts' advice.

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