Green Glamour: Crafting a Sustainable Wardrobe for the Future

Green Glamour: Crafting a Sustainable Wardrobe for the Future

Wardrobe designs are essential for improving the entire look and feel of any space, whether it be your living room or bedroom. Though there has never been a shortage of wardrobe designs on the market, a new style known as sustainable wardrobes has arisen in recent years. As homeowners are becoming more aware of the environment, they are opting for wardrobes that have minimal impact on the environment. In fact, many home interior designers in Bangalore also advocate how vital it is to have a sustainable wardrobe for your home interiors.

If you are also one such person, this blog will help you understand more about the concept of sustainability in wardrobe designs and explore some of the popular modern wardrobe design options.

Sustainable Wardrobe: What is it? 

The concept of sustainable wardrobes not just includes what material is used in your wardrobe, but also if the manufacturing process was environment friendly. Moreover, you can also go a notch higher in the sustainability quotient by making a conscious decision of purchasing less and purchasing better, resulting in lesser environmental impacts.

Now, let us look at some wardrobe design ideas that you can choose for your dream home.

Wardrobe Laminate Design

If you want to add style and chic to your bedroom, wardrobe laminate design is a great way to do it. You can choose from a wide range of varieties, depending on which shape, colour, size, or texture you want. Adding this to your dream home has several advantages, such as durability, damage and stain resistance, and protection against environmental factors. Overall, this design for a wardrobe is convenient and hassle-free, making it an attractive option among homeowners.

Corner Fluted Glass Wardrobe with TV Unit

Are you looking to utilise the space to the maximum? Then, this latest wardrobe design will come in handy for you. The elegant glass appearance also uplifts the overall ambiance of the rooms. You can view your wardrobe clothing through the translucent fluted glass as you experience sophistication. And, if you are someone who doesn’t want to cut short on the entertainment quotient, then this design is perfect for you- simply add a TV unit and binge-watch!

Sliding Wardrobe Design with PU Finish Shutter and Integrated Open Shelves

This is the epitome of sleek aesthetics and modern functionality. It has many shutters with a PU finish. These wardrobes are sophisticated and have a smooth appearance. They are durable, and you can maintain them very easily without any hassles. Additionally, this modern wardrobe design has layers of integrated shelves that offer practical storage options. So, if you have a lot of stuff to store, then you can completely rely on a sliding wardrobe design and add this furniture style to your bedroom. 


Royal Wardrobe Design with Leatherette Finish Shutter

This latest wardrobe design is a masterpiece of contemporary uniqueness. It features a sleek leatherette-finish shutter that bespoke luxury and style entwined with class. It will surely add a touch of opulence to your bedroom, making it a functional piece to choose from. You can add this statement piece of furniture and change the vibe of your bedroom. 

Grey swing wardrobe with loft and shelves

With this bedroom wardrobe design, you can experience an exquisite old charm. It is a symbolic integration of practicality and functionality, offering a top-notch, spacious loft compartment with a harmony of wooden shelves. If you like minimalist and contemporary interiors and have fewer items to store, then having a grey swing wardrobe with a loft and shelves will be the best choice for you. 

2-Door Sliding Wardrobe Design with Loft and Mirror

When you talk about sleek wardrobe design ideas, this is the most attractive option to choose from.  You might think that loft wardrobes provide a bulky look to your bedroom interiors, but if you add a mirror to this wardrobe design, you get a new look that adds elegance and charm to your space. Another advantage with these wardrobes is that you can maximise the space in your wardrobe with a loft, without compromising your bedroom because of the sliding doors.

Wardrobe with Textured Laminate and Dresser with LED Mirror 

The wardrobe, graced with a classy textured laminate, adds a speck of magnificence to the room. This beautiful furniture is aesthetically pleasing, durable, and resistant to scratches. Naturally, there is no way its charm can go down over time. In between is the dresser, fitted with an LED mirror that enhances the overall appearance of the wardrobe. It serves as an ultimate choice for sustainable wardrobes that are both functional and elegant. 

What Is the Future of Green Glamour in Fashion? 

Sustainable wardrobes are not simply a trend; they are an innovative journey towards achieving elegant wardrobes without compromising on the environment. If you, too, wish to be a part of this transformative journey and create a sustainable wardrobe for your bedroom, then don’t think twice. We at Asense Interiors are always there for you. Our in-house team of experienced home interior designers in Bangalore is all ears for your home interior queries.

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