Modern Interior Design for Homes and Residential Spaces

Modern Interior Design for Homes and Residential Spaces

W e are by the sheer fact of our existence, caught in the contemporary and its creations—from our relaxation to transportation, and our interior decoration. Our homes have been transformed by new and improved materials that bestow new forms, shapes and colors upon us. The contemporary gathers all the developments until now and transforms them for the present. Our rooms are more beautifully and brightly illuminated and the old ornate patterns have been pushed aside by a striking white decor.

Contemporary Interior Design is ‘IN’

You want the perfect home, don’t you? A comfortable, beautifully decorated home, after a hard day at work, sounds extremely tempting. Well, for your dream to come true, you need not have a massive mansion with detailed woodwork designed to acquire an antique appearance. Modern day apartments occupy space designed to optimize the value of money, and yet can be just as stylish as you can imagine. Contemporary home interiors bring out the best by accommodating styles to suit your liking and lifestyle, combining economics with elegance. Tradition and modernity are in confluence to pamper every preference and every taste. We, at ASENSE, aim to please by excess when it comes to expectations in interior design and that too contemporary interior design.

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Here are some guidelines meticulously complied by our team:

Bespoke Furniture

Contemporary furniture is pragmatic, yet individualistic. It is stylish and uncompromisingly comfortable. Backless couches, or wooden stools often serve the purpose in a living room, without making it look cluttered and yet rendering an elegant look. Always remember, simplicity is the key to beauty.

Maintain the minimal kempt look by arranging furniture is an orderly and methodical way. Sleek steel furniture can also be used for a strong and an interesting contemporary appeal. Ensure that you opt for furniture such as a bed or sofas in a sleek linear style. A sleek dining table will talk of structure and geometry.

As there is often space crunches in flats and urban living spaces, using a nude color scheme it gives the illusion of extra space. Be it the color of the walls or the interior woodwork, lighter tones make space look less cramped comforting, relaxing and airy. In case you want to jazz it up, a bold colored woodwork on one side of the wall can be considered.

For the kitchen, go for a monochromatic color scheme as this will impart a serene and sophisticated look.

Nude toned wood for a sofa or a dining table is an absolute beauty to look at. The same can be applied for the bedrooms when it comes to beds and wardrobes.

Stylish Doors and Windows

One of the important contemporary interior design ideas is to dress up the doors and windows too. Wooden blinds can be used instead of long flowing curtains as they create a warm and welcoming ambience. Brighten your room by considering putting on sheers.

Infusion of Flooring

The design of the flooring should not be neglected in contemporary design style homes. Select a flooring style that complements the overall interior design. Plain flooring in white tiles or marbles or any lighter colours enhance the contemporary look. Similarly, a wooden or laminate floor finish will impart an exotic contemporary look too.

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