How to Be Productive With Your Makeshift Workspace At Home

How to Be Productive With Your Makeshift Workspace At Home

A s covid-19 continues to spread, more and more of us are working from home. We understand that work from home space is comfortable and relaxing, but sometimes it may seem overwhelming. The drastic shift in the working environment has somehow compromised our productivity level.

But don’t worry; we are here to suggest some new and most productive ideas that can make your home office – a WFH spot to keep you comfortable in the upcoming weeks. Don’t worry makeshift workspace won’t require much of the spacing or different furniture. With us, you can build a better workspace just by being creative.

All our lovely clients and customers trusted our decor ideas and rated us as the best interior designers in Bangalore reviews.

Place Your Work Station Away From the Bed

We recommend you not to start checking your emails/ messages as soon as you wake up. Instead, pick your laptop and move to the kitchen. You can create your day by scenting the aroma of your favourite brew. It gives a gentle call to wake your mind and body.

You can even make your kitchen counter/ breakfast bar as your workspace. Now feel free to check or skim through your emails after brewing that fresh cup of morning coffee.

This tiny step makes much difference. Moving away from bed gives a joy of exchanging a good chat with your partner and breaks the boredom before start working.

Feel Dedicated To Organizing Your Workspace

It is essential that you recreate your office desk at home. We recommend you to collect all the necessary items that will help you to stay focused for a longer time. To avoid procrastination, always make sure that you do not scatter your workplace. You can either order office table organizers or use some of the items lying in your house to gather of everything.

Choose a Spot with Proper Lighting

It is crucial that you have enough lighting in your workstation. We don’t want you to feel jaded at the first day of your new workspace, we suggest to choose a sunny spot near a window or borrow floor lamp or table lamp from another room to design a well-lit desk.

Additional tips, our designers suggest to pick a new hobby and set it along with your workstation. It will not only save your time but also make sure that you are productive during your work blocks.

Focus On Mental and Physical Health

We advise you to take regular breaks in between and do not stress yourself with a task list. Feel free to take breathers as it will promote mental health. After completing your most important tasks, you can take a quick walk around the house, move away from your workstation or step out on the balcony.

Social distancing doesn’t mean emotional distancing – make a phone or video call to your near and dear one to feel connected.

Decorating is Fun

You can make your workstation look aesthetic and pleasant by dragging in some house plants or using a favourite piece of art from another place.

Don’t worry the decoration will be temporary. Add aromatherapy diffuser on your work desk or non-distracting music – enjoy the work from home perks.


During this challenging time, our team has worked towards bringing in new ideas for making you feel comfortable and confident. Our team is one of the best interior designers in Bangalore reviews.

We hope that you give us a chance to prove ourselves!

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