Common interior design mistakes you must avoid

Common interior design mistakes you must avoid

D ecorating our home is something we all love doing but it can be a very tricky thing, especially on an extensive level. If you are decorating your home on your own or with the help of a professional, there are a few things you need to avoid.


Light is probably the most important thing when it comes to decorating your house. No matter how much time or money you spend, if you haven’t figured out the lighting it can all go to waste. Lighting is not just about doing away with the darkness. Using the right amount and kind of lighting you can enhance the beauty of your interior. If you have a wall with bold color, make sure you have the proper lights to complement that. If you are planning on having a place for your cozy comfy evenings make sure you have the warm lights installed there.

The right-sized furniture

One of the most common mistakes that professionals always point out is the size of the furniture. Most people end up buying the furniture they like based on their color, looks, and type. However, size is one of the most important aspects (if not the most) when it comes to choosing the right furniture. If you have a small living space, a piece of large furniture will not only kill the important space but also make the space look even smaller. While buying furniture, always consider the purpose it will serve and where you will place it.

Create more space by placing it right

In most cases, we see the furniture, especially the sofa, couch, or table, placed by the wall. This common practice makes the space look smaller and kills the number of paths for movements. It is very important to place your furniture in such a way that you have multiple lines to move around the place.

Don’t buy oversized curtains

Oversized curtains are difficult to maintain and disrupt the symmetry of the place. Buying the right size not only helps keep them clean for longer, but it also helps in cleaning the room. You can use two sets of curtains (sheer and blackout curtains) to your benefit which will serve multiple purposes.

Say NO to too many photo frames

This is another mistake many people often make consciously or unconsciously. If you have an accent wall in your living space the last thing you want to do is to destroy its characteristics. Hanging too many frames or artifacts on a bold wall can destroy the symmetry of the whole place.

Bathroom: Yes to storage, No to claustrophobic

A storage unit in your bathroom can make a whole lot of difference. It not only keeps your toiletries in one place but also gives you the option to keep all your towels and bathrobes at your convenience. Try not to use a curtain to separate your bath and toilet area. Curtains can make the space claustrophobic and disrupt natural ventilation as well as the lighting. Rather use a glass door or panel to separate the spaces.

Ventilation and natural lighting

Whatever design you have planned for your home or the professional designer has provided you, make sure it has proper ventilation and natural lighting. A well-designed living space can become claustrophobic if there is no proper ventilation. If you don’t have natural light coming inside our house you will feel caged often. Having bigger glass windows or doors in your kitchen or adjacent balconies can light up the whole space. It will also provide natural air and a view of the outside world, which is a must-needed.

In many cases, we tend to make so many small mistakes which can add up to big problems later. Small changes in decoration may not be a big issue but if you need to redesign your living space on a larger scale having a professional is highly recommended. It will not only save you time but also save you future expenses which will be caused by the mistakes you will make without your extensive knowledge of interior design.

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