Choosing the Right Materials for Your Cabinets

Choosing the Right Materials for Your Cabinets

A re you looking for modular kitchen designs ideas or right cabinet materials for your kitchen? We help you to choose a rich material body for your modular kitchen wardrobes that will account in your budget and design concepts.

Where to Look At Best Interior Designers in Bangalore?

It is always essential to hire the best interior designers who professionally combine with various materials to make the right choice for your kitchen cabinet and built-in cupboards.

With this in mind, we will suggest some of the best kitchen materials that are prominent and give long-lasting performance:


Plywood is one of core alternate for wood made of layers of woods called piles data together blue for giving strength and less chance of moisture.

We recommend you to opt premium or marine quality plywood for covering the surface for your kitchen cabinets, wardrobe boxes and other furniture. It is best for giving your kitchen a sharp and appealing look without stressing on your pocket.


Like plywood, fiberboard or medium-density fiberboard is made of fine wood particles that are stiff and strong. The cabinets made out of this material have high tensile strength & density, easy to recycle, eco-friendly and economical as well.

Additionally, multiple sheets are glued together for creating engineered cabinets and products that are cheaper than high-quality wood.


Nowadays, interior designers rely upon blockboards to make cabinetry, extended shelves, panels and kitchen partitions.

Our team of interior designers brings modular kitchen design ideas for making your space look durable and stylish. Also, our team feels dedicated to constructing wooden blocks to withstand a substantial amount of pantry loads.

Melamine boards

Using melamine boards for building cupboards is a modest, neat and cost-effective solution. These boards are available in an array of stylish colors and many impressive wood imitations that provide a modern finish to your kitchen.

Nowadays, melamine boards are compressed with thin PVC protective coating to increase its potential and water-resistant strength.


In the past recent years, glass has become popular in manufacturing kitchen footprint material, panel doors for show cabinets.

High quality, precise and sandblasted glasses are used to construct durable and laminated kitchen panels. Nowadays, people can find a wide range of both colors and textures for creating a lovely yet different feature point.

We value your trust and money!

We insist you shift the burden of kitchen designing on the shoulders of our interior designers in Bangalore who consider durability, price and overall design requirements.

We hope that we will be able to demystify the world of cabinets for you.

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