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6 Unique Partitioning Ideas for Your Living Room and Dining Area

No rules are set in stones for the partitioning of living and dining areas! Yet setting separate zones for general entertaining and warm dining with open floor plans is gaining popularity among most of the homeowners.

Indeed, home with open floor plans looks spacious and contemporary but sometimes you have to compromise your privacy.

If you want to separate your living and dining areas while preserving your open floor plan, you can do it seamlessly without any help from a professional Home Interior Designer.

Yes, You Can! Here Are Some Elegant Ideas of Separating Living and Dining Areas

  1. Mesmeric Lattice Dividers

Lattice or Jalli screens give mesmerizing look to your open space. Intricate laser cut designs of these lattice screens not only enhance the beauty of your interior also work as a dividing line for your living and dining areas.

These dividers are available in a vast range of choices including paisleys, contemporary geometric designs so you can choose any of your choices to separate your entertaining area from your eating corner.

  1. Display Units

You must be heard of see-through double-duty display units! These display units allow you to showcase exotic souvenirs, accent pieces, and other keepsakes without adding to visual clutter. But these display screens also work as dividers.

You can separate your living and dining places with these see-through display units and can also preserve your open plan layout.

  1. Differentiate With Lights

It may surprise you but yes lighting can also do the magic here. Different lights can set a distinct tone of living and dining areas.  Warm, soft light can illuminate your living area and the bright lightning can highlight your dining table.

For the best lighting ideas for your living and dining areas, you can take professional advice from the best Interior designers nearby.

  1. The stylish Floor Mat

Floor mats are the ideal way for segregating space. Floor mats are great styling tools for your floors, but if used in contrasts and complementary tones then can also work as dividers.

You can do partitioning of your living and dining areas by having different mats especially if you are having a large living area. Experimentation with multiple mats is an easy and economical way to separate living and dining space.

  1. Let Your Accent Walls Talk about It

Your accent walls can clearly define your living and dining areas. You can use different paints to give different look to walls defining living or dining areas.

But if your living and dining areas are very close to each other then wood paneling can do wonder for you.

  1. Say It With Different Furniture Styles

You can use a combination of traditional and contemporary furniture to give an appealing look to your home, but by using different furniture styles you can separate your living and dining areas.

You can use classic and mid-century sofas in the living area that could contrast beautifully with a modern crisp dining table.

Concluding Tip

Above mentioned ideas may help you to separate your dining and living areas without disturbing your open plan layout. You can even approach to the best Interior Designer Bangalore for finding some more professional and elegant ideas to visually separate or define your living and dining areas like a pro.