Vastu Direction Guide for Your New House

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science, particularly used by each house owner to build a Vastu compliant property. The old text written in the Vastu Shastra helps to eliminate negative energy from the house and bolster positive vibes around you.

The Vastu book can give you all versatile solutions to channelize the positive energies and eliminate bad Vastu that might bring alarming health, business, or relationship issues.

If you are one of the believers and want to explore how Vastu directions can influence your house’s energy, then keep reading it further.

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The Direction of the Main Gate

The entrance gate is not just meant for people but a passage that allows the movement of different energies through the main gate. According to Vastu Shastra, the ideal direction for having the main gate is North, east, or North- east.

In What Direction Do Rooms Face?

  1. Kitchen: it should be in the South- East or North-East zone
  2. Always keep North and North East clean
  3. Living room: it should be in the North-East corner of the house
  4. Both the walls of North and East should be slightly shorter and thinner than the other two directions.
  5. Toilet: bathroom and toilet should be in the West or North- West directions; avoid building it in other directions.

Shapes and Forms Matters 

In Vastu Shastra, there are guidelines on what should are the ideal room shapes. The experts recommend the house owners not to build circular rooms even if it looks appealing or stylish.

If you want your house to be Vastu compliant, make sure to follow the strict lines and build square or rectangular-shaped rooms.

Ideal Location for Overhead Water Tank

The house owners should ideally fit the overhead water tanks in the West or South-West direction. If you install it in the South-West direction, do not forget to place it two feet above the top slab.

Ventilation and Sunlight Are Essential Elements

Whenever we buy a new house, we always make sure that it has ventilation and ample sunlight. Even Vastu Shastra recommends that every house has proper ventilation and ample sunlight to bring positive energy.

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Vastu Shastra Highlights the Importance of Placing a Septic Tank

The tank contains the waste from the kitchen and bathroom until it’s cleaned out. Therefore, it means that it withholds negativity. A septic tank must be placed properly because it can adversely affect the people living at home. According to Vastu Shastra, it should be placed in the North – West direction of the home.

Note: Remember that it does not involve the compound wall at any cost. 

Bring Home the Happiness with Us

We hope that these corrective measures or tips will help to fill your new home with positive energy.

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