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Vaastu Shastra for Home: Getting Home Interior Design Right

Home architecture has adopted the science of Vaastu for ages to make time harmonious for residents.  Vaastu primarily deals with the science of architecture and incorporates ancient ways and techniques so that positive energy is channelized within a house. For centuries, Vaastu Shastra for home is believed to have yielded positive outcomes and has led to peace and prosperity for several homes. In this blog, we will discuss the principle of Vaastu Shastra for home interior design.

Vaastu Shastra for Kitchen Interior Design

  1. The stove or burner should be designed in the east to avoid health problems of the person in charge of cooking.
  2. Avoid building overhead storage cabinets above the cooking stove. The area above the cooking range should be either left blank or fitted with an exhaust system.
  3. The kitchen cabinet for storing grains and pulses should be built in the southern or western wall. Cabinets on the northern and eastern walls can be used for organizing utensils and other food items.
  4. You may not be aware of it, but colors play a vital role in kitchen Vaastu Shastra. Our recommendation is laminates or the color of wood for best results. Black is an absolute no-no as; while green is a highly suitable color for the kitchen. You can also go with red, orange, yellow, rose or chocolate laminates.
  5. The South wall of your kitchen is considered recommended to organize your electric appliances, else make use of the South-East corner. For the refrigerator, the South-West corner is ideal and assign the water filter in the North-east corner.

Vaastu Rules for The Hall


  1. The furniture in the hall needs to be placed in a manner that enables the head of the family to face the east or the north.
  2. The furniture should be rectangular or square in shape. Oval, triangular, circular and other odd shapes are not recommended.
  3. Heavy pieces of furniture should not be facing the west or south as per Vaastu guidelines. Obstruction in the movements of individuals may lead to strained relationships.
  4. The entertainment unit should be in the south-east area of the living room perfect location for air-conditioners would be the west side of the room; they could also be placed in the north-west or east.
  5. Lighting: If you are planning to have a chandelier in the room, it should not be in the exact center of the room, but placed towards the west. The artificial lighting that you have in the room should impart a relaxing and serene atmosphere.

6 The dining table should be spacious and square or rectangular and should be centrally located. All those stylish looking oval, round, triangular and odd-shaped designs may not be the best for a peaceful home.

  1. If you are planning to have a crockery and cutlery cupboard to display your delicate bone china pieces, do so towards the west or the south wall of the dining space.
  2. Heavy pieces of furniture should not be facing the west or south as per Vaastu guidelines. Obstruction in the movements of individuals may lead to strained relationships.
  3. Within the dining room the south-east corner is the optimal direction to place your refrigerator in compliance with Vaastu Shastra.

Vaastu Shastra for the Master Bedroom

  1. The bed should be made of wood. Use of metals, tubes, etc. is not recommended. Moreover, joining two single beds to form a double bed is not advised.
  2. The bed should not be placed in the middle of the room and should not align with sharp corners.
  3. Keep wardrobes towards the south-west corner of the house. In case you have a reading table, keep it towards the eastern wall.
  4. Avoid installing dressing mirrors facing the bed. Use the north or east wall for dressing tables.
  5. If you want to place a table place it near the east or west wall.
  6. If you want to have an entertainment unit in the master bedroom, station it at least two metres away from the bed.

Vaastu Guidelines for the Study Room

  1. The study table should be square or rectangular, not circular or oval.
  2. Best quality wood should be used, and the table should be kept free of clutter
  3. It is best to keep the table a few inches away from the wall. Vacant space leaves room for ideas to float in.
  4. The study table should not have bookshelves in the middle. It is best to have a bookshelf separately.
  5. The bookshelf should ideally be in the west or south of the study. Also, it should not be an open design as it may accumulate dust and invite negative vibes.
  6. . Vaastu Shastra says the computer should be placed be between the west and south-east directions of the room.

You may have planned your dream home with the perfect combination of wood and glass, and a natural blend of traditional and contemporary styles. But do not miss out on the peace generating element—vastu shasta for home. This sole element turns a house of wood, brick, and mortar into a dream home.