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Anupa's House Interior Design in Whitefield

The interior design of a house must always be planned according to the likes and personal taste of the homeowner. The classic style of a house is a favorite of many due to the simple lines and the classic furniture which is either made out of high quality wood or other massive materials and of course let’s not forget about the neutral color palette. In short, the classic style is resumed to the symmetry of the individual pieces and we are not referring here solely to the ones picked for their living room or bedroom. The kitchen area and other two rooms that must respect the same symmetry regarding the interior design of a house decorated in a classic way. It is not easy choosing such a style and that is why you must request and listen closely to the advice of a professional, Mr. Ranjeith & Anupa’s House Interior done with the same way they had planned for. Kids bedroom is a perfect examples of their choice, where our designers have used the color palate for the wardrobe, study and bed, adds beauty to their overall Home Interior. These types of details are extremely important and must be discussed together with Our specialists Designers, so that the fabrics, shades and the materials that are chosen represent the classic style of the house that the homeowner is looking to achieve.

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