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How to Choose the Right Colors for Your Children’s Rooms

Impact of vivid colors cannot be ignored from clothing, surroundings and other aspect of person’s life. Colors influence on our mood and behavior in multifaceted manner. And, when it comes to choosing the right colour for the kids’ rooms, a lot of analyses may be required.

We are suggesting some kid’s living room design ideas and colors scheme ranging from bold to bright color or the combination so that you can choose the best for your child. Warm colors render comfort and make the environment cozy and inviting. While cool colors have a calming effect. Lighter shades of room give it a relaxing and spacious feel.

Let Us Discuss A Bit of Both:-

  • Red

Red being an exciting color has some beneficial effects but can be little tacky for the eyes too. You can choose red in small accessories or accent features of your kids’ furniture (if you have inclination for red).

  • Pink

Pink is one of the prettiest and most soothing colours for kid’s room. Pastel pink is gentle and sweet. However, candy pink and hot pink are poppy colors. Shades of pink combine well with grey, cream or white. But, it’s not great to use it overly because excessive usage of pink can become irritating and agitating. Best interior designers in Bangalore suggests better use pink colour in kids’ room moderately. Instead of painting walls pink, use it on the furniture, the rug or the wall décor.

  • Blue

Blue is a calming shade being equivalent to clear skies and waves. If your child has trouble sleeping or is hyperactive, blue is a soothing colour when painted on walls in light hues. Combine the color blue with white to create a refreshing oasis feel in the room. You may opt for white stripes on walls or cream coloured furniture for never to fade room-décor-trend.

  • Green

Again a calming shade, green is symbol of nature. It has healing and soothing affects on the kids’ body, relaxing their mind and relieving anxiety. As a cool color, use it in bedroom design as a combination with a warm shade for more restful atmosphere. Green is known to initiate creativity and learning. You may combine it with yellow and blue.

  • Citron Yellow

Energize your kids’ room with sunshine painting it in citron yellow tone. Add rough finish on the main wall or use paler shades on the other walls.

  • Grey

Greys are great for backdrop. Add bright coloured furniture to add zing thing to your child’s room. Combine grey effortlessly with any colour to create great themes.

Use your creativities and look for best interior designer near you to get the room done the dream way.