False Ceiling Designs for Kids’ Rooms


Children’s room and its decor are as important as your drawing room or guest room’s interior design. If you search for the best interior designer in Bangalore, you can search online for various options and choose the designers who fit your budget and comply with your requirements.

Here we suggest some prominent false ceiling designs for kids’ room so that you can have a slight idea about unique and trending ceiling designs. It will help you ask for more and enhanced creativity from your chosen luxury interior designer.

Best False Ceiling Designs Trends

The latest type of false ceilings preferred these days are 3-D and photo printing on the false ceiling. Unique 3-D false ceiling designs can render an optical illusionary effect on your living room design ideas as well as bedroom designs.

If you want to decorate the kid’s room ceiling in a stylish pattern inspired by characters or motifs dear to children, the right interior designer can do the needful.

Translate Your Child’s Room into a Fantasy World

Many times people are confused about which interior designer near me can translate my child’s room into his/her fancy or dream world!? The interior designer in Bangalore can come to your rescue to resolve this false ceiling issue as they pay attention to your child’s requirement & inclination and design the room accordingly.

Here Are Some Ideas That Might Appeal To You And Your Child In Developing Their Talent To The Fullest:

1) A Galaxy Effect with Single Tire False Ceiling

This ceiling type has a single layer and is best for small spaces or for those who want to go minimalistic with decor. There is the option of adding colors, shapes, and lighting to this ceiling, which will grab eyeballs undoubtedly. You can incorporate glow in the dark patterns, images, and stickers to make impressive ceiling design. Such a false ceiling will surely encourage curiosity and fuel your child’s imagination.

2) Multiple Tires False Ceilings

This is a great option to add depth and lighting effects to kids’ room ceiling. Try experimentation with layering if your kids’ room theme is the night sky. Multilayered ceilings add drama and splendour to the decor without overdoing with colors. Use different shades of blue for significant effect across the room.

3) Cutesy Ceiling

This false ceiling is made using gypsum panels and is a cost-effective measure of providing a smooth and seamless finish to the ceiling. Easy to install and maintain, this fall ceiling can give a super cute and fantastic look to the room using neon lights for a theoretical effect.

Options are Endless

You may choose a wooden ceiling in your kid’s room to provide a touch of warmth and comfort. Painted and colored false ceiling is an artistic way of adding charm. Morals and water-colors in bright, pastel, and pleasant colors can tell a story through the false ceiling.

Now, choose the best interior designers to make your dreams come true.