Enhance Space and Light by Using Aesthetic Mirrored Wardrobes in Your Home

Indeed, mirrored wardrobes add a great touch to your interior work. They are very elegant to look at and enhance the space at the same time. You can create an illusion of having a bigger space by using all over.

Mirrors in the wardrobe are an excellent idea; it is also multi-functional.

Pros of Mirrored Wardrobe

  • Mirrored surfaces blend pretty well with the background, adding more shine.
  • Mirrors on pastel colours give English vibes which in trend these days.
  • If you have a small space, the mirror can be great to add a sense of space.
  • It will make your room brighter and neat
  • You will end up creating more space as a mirror on the wardrobe will be multifunctional. You can avoid using a dressing table or another mirror in your room.

Cons of Mirrored Wardrobe   

  • The only issue is maintenance. Dirt and fingerprint can be seen easily in the mirror. You need to clean it regularly
  • Mirrors are very prone to breakage. Any hard object if hit directly or indirectly can break it.
  • The Broken Mirror is also considered bad luck in India. However, it is just a superstition.

Some Mirrored Wardrobe Ideas

Interior designers in Bangalore have an entire range of mirrored wardrobe ideas. Some interior designs have been illustrated below to give you a glimpse:

Sliding Shutter

The sliding shutters have a base of wood with a mirror fitted in it. The finishing of the mirror and wood is outstanding. The wooden part is intricately designed to add a more aesthetic vibe.

Aluminium Frame –

The shutters or doors of the wardrobe have large rectangular mirrors fitted in an aluminium frame. You can also get the headboard of your bed customized. This will add a more detailed interior design to your space.

Double Door Mirrored Wardrobe –

This wardrobe is a bit different from the previous ones. One shutter comes with a mirror embedded in it. The other shutter has a wooden surface. This will give a different yet classy look.

Triple Shutter Mirrored Wardrobe –

You can also customize your wardrobe for having a three-door mirrored wardrobe. It will have one mirror shutter and the other two wooden shutters.

Dressing Table Mirrored Wardrobe –

A certain section of the wardrobe has a dressing table built in it. Drawers and big mirrors are engraved in it. The LED lighting is beautifully placed giving it a luxurious and modern approach.

Acrylic Panel Mirrored Wardrobe –

Large mirrors are used to place between the acrylic panels which are embedded in the shutter of the wardrobe. The mirrors are generally frameless to enhance the shape. This will also make your space look much bigger.

Parallel mirror wardrobe –

With this wardrobe, you will get a 360-degree view of your look. It is a walk-in wardrobe. The space of the wardrobe has mirror shitters on both sides.

So, it is safe to say that modern wardrobes are not just for closet purpose but add glamour to space. The mirror shutters will make your room look more stylish and decent. Asense Interior Bangalore has great designers to customize your order and meet your needs.