Do You Really Need To Revolutionize The Concept Of False Ceiling In Your Living Room?

The fifth wall is slowly progressing in a world of interior design. With today’s modern intricate home design, the multitude of designs and patterns have gained much recognition. The not so impressive whitewashed ceilings don’t fit in modern innovation. The concept of the ceiling has revolutionized.

The world of interior design has a plethora of niches to talk about. Seeing the popularity of the fifth wall (false ceiling), we will cover all the aspects of using it in your bedroom.

What is the False Ceiling?

False ceilings are also termed as suspended ceilings and dropped ceilings. This has gained popularity in Indian design. Newly built apartments and houses have this for sure.

Nowadays, the living space is specially designed with false ceilings. You can customize the ceiling and make it minimal for the more French style of design. Who doesn’t want their ceiling to match their room and entire decoration?

Earlier, people were sceptical about using false ceilings in the house. Only big showrooms and shops used this concept. With growing modernization, they are adding more design and interior work to your living space.

Earlier, people used the concept of cross-ventilationto regulate the temperature of the room. Now the spaces have become more compact. Cross-ventilation is not possible in one space. False ceilings even have ducts and lighting to give an overall edge to your space.

False Ceiling Bangalore – Material and Type

Home design in Bangalore is much advanced. The ceilings and materials used are highly versatile with the modern-day designs on walls. They blend effortlessly with colour and design.

The most widely used ceiling is that of Gypsum. It enhances the living room. It is so lightweight that it can be moulded very effortlessly as per your requirements.

False ceiling Bangalore has a completely fresh design for home and residential purposes. These gypsum ceilings might not be best for commercial spaces.

We have metal ceilings and other designs to use in offices and give it a more standard look. They give a very decent and minimal look whereas home spaces require customized work.

Living Room False Ceiling

Using afalse ceiling is definitely a good approach to make your living space stylish yet decent. It may have pros as well as some cons. Read on further to get an idea about using a false ceiling in your living room.


* They make your space stylish and neat. The interior work of your house attains a different level with a false ceiling.

* It hides the wiring, lines, cables and other extra things use in houses.

* The ambient lighting can be installed very well in the false ceiling. This will add more lighting to your space. You will also not have to use lights on the walls.

* The false ceilings use LED lights. They consume less electricity. Ultimately, you won’t burn your pocket anymore.

* The false ceiling makes the space small. Hence, the duct or air conditioner installed in the living room will show better performance.

* The false being also prevents the fire from spreading.

* Very appropriate for acoustics in the room. They eliminate external noise

* The being can be powered as per your comfort to give it a cosy vibe.


* If the room is not very big, false ceiling can make it look small

* The false ceiling should be concealed at all the edges. If the moisture gets in, it can facilitate the growth of germs.

If you are someone who loves beautifully designed spaces, the false ceiling is a must for your living room. Modern designs of Interior designer Bangalore are not very sophisticated yet very alluring.